Tile "Animal Alphabet"

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Tiles are part of our history. They are used to decorate buildings and give a very special touch to any room in the house. For a long time, tiles have been present in village houses, but not only on the inside, but also on the outside. They helped us to know which family lived in that house, because the name or surname of the family was written on that tile at the entrance, curious, isn't it? Well, if this brings back memories, now you can have your personalised tile at home. You can use it to decorate any corner and make it look very special.

If you are thinking of making a gift for someone in your family, friends or loved ones, this original tile will be the perfect gift for that special person you have to give. It is not a common gift, but it is unique and personal, so it is sure to surprise anyone and become a very special souvenir.

To make this gift unique, you will have to personalise your tile. This is the most fun moment, because you will have the option of choosing the initial together with the animal of your choice. Each initial has several animals that start with the same letter, so you can choose the one you like the most. It will be perfect to decorate any corner and that person will always remember you.

This product comes with a transparent base so that it can stand upright on surfaces around the house. It can also be attached to the wall to give your decoration a different touch.

Measurements: 10 x 10 cm
Material: Ceramic

Maintenance guide:

-Do not expose to adverse weather conditions. This tile is for decorative purposes, it is an indoor product. Its durability may be reduced if exposed outdoors.
-Do not use as tile for construction. It is not recommended for renovation or restoration works, as it is a decorative element.
-Do not clean with corrosive products. It may damage the quality of the customisation and reduce its durability.
-Do not rub. It is recommended not to clean the tile with any kind of liquid product or with extreme pressure, as this may damage the decoration.


- Personalised tile.
- Transparent base.
- Souvenir card.

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