Diplomas and title pages

In this section we offer you dozens of personalised diplomas and covers. You can find a way to surprise almost anyone: from couple or your family to your children´s football coach or their teacher. The simplest gifts are sometimes the most original and the ones that suprise that special person.

Personalised covers and prints with celebratory designs

There is nothing more fun and heart-warming than having someone you admire, acknowledge your work or your way of life. It's usually personalised prints that get that message across: remember when you finished university and were awarded your Graduate Degree, or when you completed a course.

If diplomas are awarded for official and bureaucratic reasons, why not do it to the best father in the world, the best sister or the best partner? Nothing is impossible, so we have come up with this project of personalised diplomas and covers so that you can have much more variety when it comes to giving something special to a person who is very important to you.

Diplomas and framed covers and prints for the most special people

Framed diplomas are one of the most popular options when it comes to giving gifts to specific people on particular occasions. For example: if you think you have the best mother in the world, a diploma that proves that your mum really is the best on the planet can be a very nice gift for her to hang in her house.

All in all, they are very small details but with a lot of meaning in the background: the feelings, emotions and experiences lived with these people will remain engraved on these personalised diplomas forever. Furthermore, as they are framed, the personalisation will keep for a long long time, and the recipient will be able to enjoy the original gift forever.

The covers are exactly the same. They are a selection of national and international media covers, personalised and adapted so that you can give a special person a very original and unique gift. Furthermore, it is super creative, designed for people with the best sense of humour in the world.

We'll explain everything:

Personalised parchment diplomas like in ancient times

They are diplomas made of paper that simulates parchment, of high quality and weight. This type of personalised diploma is perfect to go back to Ancient Rome and make a very nice and unique gift for the best person in the world.

You have many different diplomas, on which you can personalise the names of the sender, the recipient, the date and write a message or dedication.

This is a very traditional gift, but a very popular one. Why? Because the important thing is not the design or the material, but the underlying message you want to convey with this gift. What is that message? It depends on each person, but with this type of personalised diplomas what you are looking for is to remember a very special person whom you love and admire a lot.

Personalised diplomas for the stars in your life

If you love the Grammy Awards, the Nobel Prizes, or would like to have a Star of Fame on the sidewalk in Los Angeles, these personalised diplomas are what you're looking for.

You can give whatever gifts you want, but the beauty of diplomas and covers and prints is to give the most special people in your life the gift of love and excitement. So, if you have a singer in the family, a real actor as a friend or you know some of the best people in the world, these personalised diplomas are the best way to bring a smile to their face .

The paper is high quality, and we print the design of your choice. You will be able to personalise the texts underneath each design, to make it much more personal and unique.

This is one of the most original and fun gifts that we offer on our website. Think carefully when you choose the model, because you're sure to think of many people to whom you could give a diploma of each one.

Customised covers for the most famous and conceited

Don't you have friends, siblings or children who have always dreamed of becoming famous and appearing on the covers of the most popular magazines in the country? We have the solution and alternative for them to fulfil their dream in the most original way possible: a wide variety of covers of the best-known magazines, such as Vouge or National Geographic, among others; as well as covers of the most renowned media.

The covers simulate the original ones, and you can write a headline, a subtitle and a caption, furthermore you can choose the cover photo. It's a super original gift for all kinds of people!

If your son has achieved his childhood dream or if your grandmother has won the village chess championship, she's very deserving of this type of original gift.

Original framed designs in every home

We are leaders in campaigns for special dates; Mother's Day, Father's Day, Teachers' Day or Valentine's Day are some of the times when we give the most smiles. That's why we have created a wonderful selection of original designs for every occasion.

No matter what reason you are looking for a gift, we know you will find it here. Make the most of it and give personalised diplomas and covers for each and every one of your special people!