We always need personalised towels for all times and situations. We got custom cotton towels which are perfect for going to the beach or go hiking. We also have customised microfiber towels that are great for those who usually go to the gym and do not feel like carrying a heavy backpack. Of course, we have both individual and double towels. On either of those towels, you can print the photo you want or choose among the many designs we offer.

Personalised towels with photo and fun designs

What comes to your mind when we ask about summer? Beach, sun, good weather and pool, right? We need something that will dry us and make us feel comfortable when taking the best naps on the beach or by the pool. Enjoy to the fullest this unique experience exclusively possible in the hottest months of the year!

We are talking about our summer towels personalised with photos or funny designs. We have a wide variety in our catalogue of all kinds of custom towels. Do you want to give your partner a huge surprise and you don't know how? This time is the best of all, as holidays require a cool and fun towel.

Not only is it a nice gift for couples, but with these personalised towels, you can get it right with your father, your mother, your siblings, or any friend. We have designs for each of them! Isn't it amazing?

These personalised towels can also be given at any time of the year. For example, it can be a great gift for those bold people that go to the beach in winter.

Personalised towels: materials and differences

We may talk about many things in this section, but let's start by introducing our different types of towels. Choose the one that best suits the recipient's needs or yours.

You can choose either cotton towels or microfiber towels. But what is the difference between them?

Personalised cotton towels: elegance guaranteed

Cotton towels are undoubtedly the most suitable for the bathroom, for showering at home and are those that you find in hotels and other apartments. They are the most handsome ones because they are made of natural fibre, perfect for making all kinds of designs.

Our printing system and the towel fabric guarantee a high-quality print of our designs or your pictures.

While microfiber towels store all the water, cotton towels can distribute water throughout the entire towel and absorb it naturally. Therefore, cotton towels continue to dry even if the area we use is wet.

Personalised microfiber towels: best for outdoor use

As we mentioned before, cotton towels are the best for indoors, for example, for the bathroom. However, microfiber towels are the best for outdoor use, on vacations or on an afternoon at the swimming pool or beach.

Microfiber is a synthetic fabric made of much finer filaments than the natural fibres of cotton. It is more comfortable to take anywhere because it weighs very little and is super thin.

Another advantage of this towel is its ability to withstand different temperatures, from very cold to very hot. Why? Because when washing them, all the stains are removed even if there is no soap with just hot water. This implies that we have some eco-friendly towels as there is no need to use cleaning powder on them.

In addition, they have antibacterial properties, do not release lint and dry very quickly. Hence, here is the perfect towel for going on vacation!

To make things easier, we have two different sizes available: a double towel that measures 160x180 cm, and the other one of 160x80 cm for a single person. You need to choose the one you like best to give as a gift, personalise it with a cool photo or choose a design from the ones we already have. Surprise with an amazing and unique gift.