Get trendy with our amazing section of personalised sunglasses! All of our sunglasses have a minimum standard protection of UV400, so they will be useful to protect something as precious as your eyesight. We have got a bunch of different colours and models of sunglasses available, which is why you may find the great gift you were needing for that special person. You came across this section for a reason, so you can now go around wearing authentic personalised sunglasses.

Customised sunglasses

How many times have you dreamed of having a fun and exclusive pair of sunglasses? It is time to make that dream come true because our personalised sunglasses offer you many options to be the most fashionable.

From now on, the sun will be your friend, and you will be able to show your new sunglasses all summer. This original gift is perfect for many occasions. But at Made in Gift, we think that the craziest friends' parties, company events, marketing campaigns or festivals are, above all, the perfect occasions.

After all, they have become a product that can be used on any occasion. As a result, you will find a wide variety of personalised sunglasses in this section.

Custom sunglasses: technical specifications that may interest you

All of our personalised sunglasses have plastic frames, which gives us a larger space on the temples to engrave the name you want or a company logo, for example.

Having plastic frames also allow us to offer you many different colours and types of sunglasses. So you will find classic square frames, rounder ones, or ones with reflective lenses. We have the right pair for everyone!

In general, these sunglasses are suitable for everyday use: going to work, going out for a drink with friends, etc. To protect you from the sun on the street, in short. They have high protection against the glare of the sun but are not suitable for direct observation of the sun, for night driving or driving in low light conditions.

In addition, please note that our sunglasses do not protect against mechanical impact or artificial light sources. Therefore, you cannot wear them for skiing, for example. They are suitable for walking in the street and everyday use in general.

When cleaning the glasses, we do not recommend using abrasive products. However, it is highly recommended to always use a soft cloth.

Sunglasses engraved with the name or text of your choice

These sunglasses are engraved on both sides, on both temples, so you can personalise them in a very creative way. You can put a name on one side and a text or message on the other, or a funny joke you have with the person you're going to surprise with these sunglasses.

Also, this gift is not only for a friend. You can also organise something big with all your friends. Can you imagine those parties you already plan but adding an original touch? Now you can do it by personalising the glasses' temples with something fun about your group of friends... The name of your WhatApp group, maybe? That could be a great option.

The best parties and events of friends and families will become super original events thanks to these gifts that allow you to be a bit more creative.

Personalised sunglasses for corporate events and advertising

Do you want to organise a party with all your employees? Have you had to organise and prepare a company event? These personalised sunglasses with logo can be an option to save some photos worthy of remembering.

Besides engraving the glasses with the name or text of your choice, we can also engrave logos. It is a great opportunity to organise a company event and give a cool pair of sunglasses with your logo engraved on the temples.

You will become a super original person, as you will not give traditional gifts such as aluminium bottles, pen drives or key rings. Sunglasses will be the star gift of the year!

But not only that, but you can also use these glasses for different marketing or advertising campaigns. If you have planned a summer campaign, these glasses are great to wear with your company logo whenever you want.

You will have the most creative campaigns of the year!

Bulk orders of custom sunglasses.

Yes, we also do bulk order orders for companies or large groups of friends.