Wallets and purses

Few objects are used as often as a purse or wallet, so don't you think you should have them personalised? In this section we offer you personalised wallets and purses. We have designs for young people, for people who carry their wallets to the brim, for partying... You name it! Personalise them with your photo or your design and never again carry your money and documents in something that isn't unique.

Customised wallets and purses

The wallet is one of the most personal items that exist. It is where we keep all of our ID papers, credit cards and photos of our loved ones. That's why we all must have an exclusive wallet that represents us. And what's more personal than a photo or our own name?

Types of personalised wallets

We have different types of wallets so that you can get your dream wallet. We have purses for men, for women and even for children. Besides, we have different customisation options: texts, photos, and designs, so you exactly find what you are looking for.

Personalised women's purses

If you are looking for the ideal gift for the women in your life, our section of wallets and purses is perfect. Our wallet is black and made of synthetic leather, a resistant material, perfect for being in the handbag for hours. We customise it by adjusting the photograph, text or design you have chosen.

The pocket where the cards and banknotes are stored is magnetically closed so that they are well protected, and you won't lose them. It also has ten compartments for documentation and all kinds of cards. It is just as important to carry your ID as your health card, driving licence, transport pass or cards from your favourite restaurants and supermarkets.

Furthermore, it's great to have a space to keep your money. You probably already have found all your coins dispersed or lost your purse among the thousands of things in your handbag. That's why this purse has the perfect size for preventing that situation from happening ever again (18,5 x 9,5 x 2,5 cm).

In addition to the traditional customised wallet, you also have a trendy pink one that will make your close one fall in love. We also have a personalised lips-shaped purse for those women who like to put on red lipstick. Original, isn't it?

Personalised men's wallets

One of the best gifts you can give to a man is a wallet. Even better if it is personalised. You probably have worried a thousand times about what to give your father, brother or boyfriend for Christmas or his birthday. You've ended up buying him some gift that has been kept in his drawer forever since. That's why it's time to give him a gift that's not only beautiful but also very practical.

We have several models for you to surprise the man of your life. Our customised wallet is black synthetic leather. It is a more resistant material than leather and much cleaner. The flap is covered with white polyester fabric, in which we print the photograph or design. It is a perfect material to ensure that the colours are sharp and bright as it absorbs ink very easily.

On the other hand, we have two customised models with names. The text is laser engraved to ensure high quality and long-lasting finish. In addition, they have several sections for storing cards and banknotes, which makes our cardholders even more practical. We even have one with the Spanish flag, perfect for surprising your dad.

Taking care of our customised wallets

As we said before, our wallets are synthetic leather, more resistant and elastic. Besides, if it gets dirty, that's okay. You only need to wipe it with a humid or dry piece of cloth to have a wallet as new. You must avoid using abrasive elements, either brushes or steel wool when cleaning them. Synthetic leather is the perfect material to endure the daily routine. Please keep it away from any heat as it is highly flammable.

Customisation of our wallets and purses

The customisation process on our webpage is simple. You need to choose the model you most like and add it to your card. If it's a design with the text, we ask you for the name, the date or the message you want to add... And that's it!

If you customise it with a picture, you can adjust it as you want thanks to our customisation tool. We have a set of tools for you to move and rotate the photo, add text and even choose the colour and typography of your choice. Then you create the perfect design to surprise that special person. Every time they will use it, they will remember you.

As for our designs, we have everything for every situation and person. From customised purses for Mothers' Day, for Valentine's Day, for a birthday to make your grandmother remember how important she is to you. You need to tell us the name of that special person in your life or choose a photo to print it on the wallet.