Chocolates & sweets

Here is a selection of chocolates and sweets for you to surprise anyone on any occasion. We have messages written in chocolate, giant sweets cakes, chocolate pizzas, sweets and almost everything you can think of. Who’s the one who does not like to receive something so original?

Chocolates and sweets for the most creative and sweetest people

Giving chocolate and sweets might look like a lack of gift ideas or you didn’t have much time or worse you forgot a birthday or special date. However, in our category, you can find the perfect products to avoid sharing this image (even though it might be true).

When we started this project, we were sure about one thing: our chocolates and sweets must be original and inspiring to brighten up your day.

That’s how we managed to create a nice catalogue with lots of choices for you to soften the life of your parents, your partner, or your best friends. Here you have the perfect opportunity to surprise that person of your dreams, that person who always helps you out or motivates you.

Chocolates and sweets for any occasion and any taste

In this category, we could explain many things, but we have decided to briefly explain the products that you can find in this category so that you can understand all the original gifts and choose the best one to give to the person you want.

We have chocolates of different types and sweets with very original shapes. Everything is prepared with great care so that the person who receives it is left speechless and keeps a very nice memory of that moment.

What kind of chocolates and sweets can you give away?

Chocomessages and marshmallow messages: the candies that always triumph

When we talk about candies, our chocolates are synonym with quality. Most of them are prepared exclusively by a chocolatier who follows traditional Swiss recipes. The gifts are not only surprising but also loved by everybody.

The candies that always triumph are our chocomessages: wooden boxes of 24, 32, or 55 delicious milk chocolate letters. If you also love white chocolate, we have hearts and other symbols for you to decorate your message.

The particularity of these chocomessages is that you can write the text of your choice and we will prepare a delicious and custom box of chocolates just for you. We have thousands of different letters to prepare your message. What an exclusive and one-of-a-kind gift!

But not only that, but you can also surprise someone with the message made of sweets. How? These messages are made of the very popular marshmallow candies and the message of your choice. It is the perfect gift for the sweetest people and those who would love to be in the cloud of love.

If you want to say "I love you" to a dear person, do so in a very original way. Whether a chocomessage or a marshmallow message, both options will leave them speechless. How beautiful love is!

Box of candies: elegance and sweetness transformed into gifts

Imagine your best friend is at the hospital, recovering from surgery. You want to give them a very special gift to cheer them up, but you don’t know how? A box of candies like ours is the perfect gift to put the smile back on your friend’s face!

We have a wide variety of different boxes, with different candies and different themes so that you can choose the one you most love. Besides, like the wooden chocomessage box, these boxes come with a sticker created by our amazing designer that you can customise with the name of your choice.

This is a very original gift because, if you customise it, it may be a lifetime and amazing souvenir. Our candies are of excellent quality, and the boxes are really fun. We created some like chips and Coca-Cola-inspired so that you can simulate a McDonald’s meal.

We have different designs for all tastes and a broader target. That way, lots of people can enjoy our boxes of candies, whether they are customised or not. Because you can choose to personalise the sticker or keep the design without names and/or customisation.

The candies we chose to create these boxes are of the highest quality and very varied so that you have a wide range to choose from. What an enjoyable gift!

Candies turned into different objects and food: a surprising gift

Together with cuddly toys and chocolates, we are also experts in offering candies. Whoever thinks giving sweets is only for children is really mistaken. No one is bitter about candy!

Without going any further, our spectacular candy cake has become an ordinary gift from many of our customers, who, year after year, prefer to blow out the candles on a cake made with marshmallows instead of a traditional one. Our cake includes candles, so make sure you know the age of the person you are giving it to.

If you are a romantic, our candy bouquet may be the perfect gift for you to give. You can say "I love you" in the sweetest and fluffiest way. And speaking of fluffy things, the marshmallow cube is a gift that corporate people always appreciate. Imagine a flower pot filled with many sweets instead of a plant. They always like it.

We also have bouquets made exclusively with candy hearts. And if you are looking for a bigger heart, we have heart-shaped sweets cakes that are sure to be a hit. We make them by hand just before we send them to you, so they are always super nice, and at the same time, they look great.

Our sushi with sweets deserves a special mention, perfect for lovers of Japanese cuisine. Imagine the typical sushi tray, only that instead of rice and fish it has as ingredients jelly beans and liquorice.

Besides all these options, our catalogue offers a lot of slices of pizzas, hamburgers, and even doughnuts and flowers of all kinds.

Box of Belgian chocolates: one of the most exclusive gifts

The most exclusive chocolates are the ones given with love together with elegance and good taste. Those chocolates cannot be other than the Belgian ones with a red or gold box. Have you ever tried them?

They are boxes of 46 different chocolates to surprise a whole family, a group of friends or a very loving couple. It's a very popular gift this season because it's practical, tasty and, besides, a quality gift. How many such exclusive gifts have you given?

You can choose the red box or the golden one, which is very appropriate for Christmas, for example. Imagine some chocolates under the Christmas tree - what a gift! Surprise your mother, your grandmother or your whole family with some original gifts this year.

As you can see, our category “Chocolates and sweets” has as many things as you can think of. Do you still think that chocolates and candies are boring, traditional, and not much original? After looking through our catalogue, you will change your mind for sure.