Chocolates & sweets

Here is a selection of chocolates and sweets for you to surprise anyone on any occasion. We have messages written in chocolate, giant sweets cakes, chocolate pizzas, sweets and almost everything you can think of. Who’s the one who does not like to receive something so original?

Chocolates and sweets for the sweetest and most creative people

Gifting chocolates and sweets can seem like you've run out of ideas, or you've forgotten to get a gift for someone on their special day or birthday. However, in our category you can find all the perfect products to avoid that presumption (even if it might be true).

When we started this project, the only thing we knew for sure was that the chocolates and sweets had to be original, that they had to inspire a message and that they could brighten up everyone's day.

In the end, we got a beautiful category with lots of variety to sweeten the life of your mother, your father, your partner and your best friends. You have a great opportunity to surprise that special person, the one who helps you the most or the one you want to lift their spirits.

Chocolates and sweets: different occasions and different tastes

In this section, we could explain a lot of things, but we have focused on briefly explaining the products that you can find in this category, so that you can understand all the original gifts and choose the best one to give to the person you want.

We have chocolates of different types and sweets in very original shapes. All of these items are prepared with great care so that the person who receives it is left speechless.

What kind of chocolates and sweets can you give as a gift?

Chocolate messages: always a great success

When it comes to chocolates, our chocolates are synonymous with quality. Almost all of them are made exclusively by a master chocolatier, following traditional Swiss recipes. So, the gifts are not only surprising, but also pleasing to the eye.

The chocolates that are always a hit are the chocolate messages: little wooden boxes with 24, 32 or 55 delicious milk chocolate letters. If you like white chocolate, we also have hearts and other symbols to decorate them with.

The peculiarity of the chocolate messages is that you can write the text of your choice and we prepare it in a delicious and totally personalised chocolate bar for you. We have different letters to prepare the message you tell us, so, you can make an exclusive gift.

Furthermore, the chocolate comes nicely displayed in a wooden box, the lid of which you can personalise with the photo of your choice. We give you all the options we have available so you can choose what you like best: number of characters and personalised wooden lid or not. It's a very special gift!

If you want to say "I love you" to a very special person, do it in an original way. You will leave that person speechless with this type of message. Love is beautiful!

Boxes of sweets: elegance and sweetness turned into a gift

Imagine your best friend is in hospital, fresh out of surgery. You want to give them a special gift to cheer them up, but you're not sure what to get them. A box of sweets like these is the perfect gift to bring a big smile to their face!

We have a wide variety of boxes, with different sweets and different themes, so you can choose what you like best. Furthermore, just like the wooden lid of the chocolate message, these boxes come with stickers that we design ourselves and can be personalised with the name of your choice.

It is a very original gift and, if you personalise it, it can last forever as a. The sweets are top quality, and the boxes are very fun: we have created complements such as crisps and Coca Cola to simulate a good snack from McDonald's, for example.

We have different designs to suit all tastes. This way, many people will be able to enjoy our boxes of sweets, personalised or non-personalised. Because that's another one: you can choose to personalise the sticker, or, however, leave it with a design without a name and without personalising it.

The sweets we chose to create these boxes are of the highest quality and vary so that you have a wide range to choose from. This gift is very enjoyable!

Sweets transformed into different objects and foods: a surprising gift

Alongside stuffed animals and chocolates, we are also specialists in gifting sweets. Whoever thinks that sweets are only for children is mistaken.

Our spectacular sweets cake has become a regular gift for many of our customers, who year after year prefer to blow out the candles on a cake made with sweets instead of a traditional one. It includes candles, so make sure you know the age of the person you're giving it to.

If you're a romantic, you might find the sweets bouquet to be the perfect gift. You can say "I love you" in the sweetest way. It's always a crowd pleaser.

We also have bouquets made exclusively with sweets in heart shape. If you are looking for a bigger heart, we have sweets cakes in the shape of a heart that are sure to be a hit. We make them by hand just before we send them to you, so they're cute and delicious at the same time.