Personalised wooden gifts

Wood is one of our favourite materials. With it we make all kinds of personalised gifts: clocks, games, postcards, fans... even motorbikes! Our imagination has no limits, so we offer you original gifts for all kinds of situations, always with wood as the protagonist. Its elegance and versatility mean that we always have new ideas to share with you.

Create your own character

Wooden gifts: board, clocks and original designs

Wooden gifts are much more special than others because they allow us to create millions of shapes to meet everyone's taste. That's why this wooden gifts section is is very popular. We can manufacture and have many personalised, unique and very original products.

When we talk about wood, we mean one-of-a-kind products because each piece of wood is different. We offer boards, clocks, games and many other products, all personalised with a photo or a fun design.

What does make an original gift unique?

Wood brings freshness, security and, lots of freedom for creativity. It is the best surprise for your loved ones.

Let us introduce our wooden gifts to you!

Wooden boards: original decorations for your interior space

These are three sizes of birch wood, a very malleable and resistant material for any design and original gift. This is why we choose this type of wood to manufacture our gifts because it is very easy to work with, and the results are outstanding.

Specifically, the rectangular boards are available in two sizes: 20 cm x 10 cm and 30 cm x 15 cm. You can personalise them with your favourite family, friends or partner pictures giving them a nice memory. It can be considered a replacement for photo frames. Yet, wooden boards are more original and have a more dazzling finish.

But if photo gifts are not for you, you can choose from the designs we have created for any occasion. Mother's Day, Father's Day or Valentine's Day are the most typical special dates, but there are way more to them.

In addition to the rectangular ones, we have square wooden boards measuring 27 cm x 27 cm. You can also personalise them with photos or cool designs.

Custom wooden clock: original minutes and seconds

If you are looking for a romantic gift for your partner, these wooden clocks might draw your attention. They are made for people who need to remember every minute of their love for their partner. These people are the most romantic in the world, and therefore, they deserve a very original gift.

We have different clock models: rectangular, puzzle-shaped, or heart-shaped clocks. You can personalise them to your liking with the funniest photos you have. We also have designs to decorate your home most romantically and modernly.

Wooden personalised puzzles: entertainment for the entire family

If doing puzzles is one of the most entertaining activities ever, assembling personalised puzzles for you may be exclusive. This game is perfect for enjoying with family, your partner or best friends.

First, you must choose the puzzle you want; we have different shapes and pieces to perfectly adapt to everyone's needs and tastes. In fact, you even will find even kids' puzzles, with little animals and different drawings to start recognising objects.

We print the photo or design you choose directly on the wooden puzzle for a perfect and astonishing final result. It is a super nice and practical gift. In addition, you can hang it as if it was a canvas when the puzzle is complete. It will be a very original piece of decoration on your house walls.

Fun wooden games: puzzles and much more

Of course! We could not complete this category without including wooden board games. We have a personalised ludo, a classic that will not disappoint anyone.

We customise the board with four photos, one for each house and player. Don't you think it's super original? In addition to the ludo, you can also give a custom Game of the Goose.

However, you can also find the games like the tangram and puzzles engraved with text a name. It is a very original and fun gift for the entire family.

Wood designs: everything you wish for

In addition to all the products mentioned, there are many more wooden products: an engraved candle holder, a tie hanger... We recommend you carefully browse this category to find what you are looking for.

Most of them have been included in our catalogue after a customer request. Therefore, if you are interested in a specific object, contact us, and we will consider your request.