Original gifts

This section of original personalised gifts is right the segment we care the most about. Every day, we add new products while improving authentic classics such as cushions, cups, jars, towels or personalised blankets. If you are looking for a unique and unrepeatable gift, you have come to the right place. Here you will find hundreds of ideas to surprise that special person.

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Offering Authentic and original gifts are the specialty of our house. It is indeed, our name itself what encourages us to constantly renew our visions and work with all our strength in order to make always top quality gifts and that way continue to be the best dream factory of all.

Generally, when you think of gifts for surprising anyone, the first thing that comes to mind is something related to personalized products. And with regard to that very thought we boast of having hundreds of different options.

We got such a huge variety of products that it would certainly be a bit hard to choose a single one to talk about, so why not getting started with some of our favourite gifts:

• Custom cushions: soft and perfect cushions to give to anyone.
• Magic cups: a black cup that, when filled with hot liquid, it would change its colour and either an image or message would be displayed.
• Polar blanket with photo: a blanket for the sofa, the perfect fleece blanket for endless sofa and film sessions. Check also our custom beach towels for summer.

Gifts with chocolates are a vogue nowadays, and we are an international reference with regard to that aspect. Are you already familiar with our well known chocomessages? Imagine a friend of yours opening that chocolate box in which he/she will happen to discover a message written with chocolate characters. By the way, it is a first-quality handmade chocolate, so the chocolate receiver will love you even more not only because of your gesture but for being able to hit his/her palate targets.

We are into textile products as well. We got custom t-shirts, engraved wallets, purses with photos printed, embroidered bathrobes and even gowns engraved with names.

We have gifts for almost any occasion. If you're one of those who are always looking for the best Valentine's gift, you just got to the right place; If what you want is to surprise your mother on Mother's Day or want your Three Kings day’s gift to be the most memorable and surprising in Christmas, once again, you just got to the right place.

We can boast of an almost endless variety of authentic gifts. Looking for gifts for a cook? We have aprons with photo. Gifts for wine lovers? From personalized bottles to engraved mugs & glasses. Imitation jewellery? We got lots of engraved pendants and bracelets too.

After browsing our website, make sure not to miss our family products. What are they? They are our Family Gifts Line. First, you’ll have the chance to choose up to 8 animated characters to represent each member of the family, like a father doing a barbecue, a clerk on duty, children riding a bike, etc ... Secondly, you’ll have to give each of these characters a name, then you must choose the gift for each of the chosen family members: Could that be a mat? a cup? a T-shirt? We got practically everything you need.

We also have a Professions Gifts Line which works just as described in the above paragraphs. In other words, we have dozens of profession drawings and animated characters waiting for you to personalize them as much as gifts for nurses, firefighters, teachers ...

If you need to find original gifts without spending much, we can certainly help you with that too. That range of products varies from mugs with photo printed to personalized rubik cubes, or embroidered cook hats or even car stickers. We have a handful of cheap gifts at your disposal (or low cost gifts, as they call them now).

And do not worry about where you are, your whereabouts will no longer be a problem since we deliver throughout Spain and abroad. If you really want to buy authentic gifts in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona or anywhere else in Europe, we remain at your entire disposal. In addition to this, we provide a fast delivery service for all our clients, we can even deliver from one day to another in most of the occasions. So, this is it. In regalooriginal.com you have many ideas to spring fun surprises, and, of course, original gifts. Just call and ask us, we promise to take good care of you.