Here you have personalised bracelets in a variety of styles. Bracelets are perfect to surprise that person who means a lot to you, like a mother, sister, brother, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. Our current designs range from sophisticated pieces of steel to elegant bracelets in leather, including designs with Ibizan touch. We also have gift kits for mothers and daughters, so you can always be united through these customised bracelets.

Personalised engraved name bracelet

We know that jewellery is always a perfect gift for anyone who likes to wear jewellery on their wrists. It is a way of showing personality. You may have friends who enjoy window shopping in jewellery stores and choosing a new set (ring, bracelet and pendant) for any occasion like Christmas, birthday or special anniversaries.

A bracelet is an elegant and personal gift because it is not only a nice piece of jewellery but also a special charm. How many bracelets do you have that remind you of friends, family. If you need to make a special gift to someone important in your life, a personalised bracelet may be a successful option.

All gifts are welcome. However, what matters most is the intention and meaning behind the gift. At Made In Gift, we are committed to personalised products because we aim to offer material products with sentimental and personal value.

Personalised bracelets: materials and differences in a world full of elegance

There are several kinds of personalised bracelets. However, we choose the highest quality, so your gift is as fun and original as long-lasting. Our main goal is for the gift's recipient to enjoy it for a long time.

We could talk about many things, but we think you should understand the content of this category so that it is easier for you to decide. Therefore, we will differentiate our bracelets by materials and explain their differences.

Engraved 925 sterling silver bracelets: quality and elegance for all

Silver is a very mouldable material. In order to create tougher and more resistant gifts such as bracelets, artisans use a material that is not 100% silver. 925 sterling silver then comes into play, which means that this material has 92.5% silver.

It is considered sterling silver, so we are sure that you will be successful with this gift. Silver or silver-plated bracelets offer many possibilities. Although both are of the same colour, their shapes are different due to the design differences.

Therefore, our custom bracelets are perfect for anyone, whether they want to be elegant or not so much. We have bracelets for moms, for the world's best brides or for young women with a strong personality. All of them may be engraved with a name or text to give that personal and intimate touch.

Although we always associate jewellery with women, we must say that men are sometimes flirty and like to wear bracelets. We also have personalised silver bracelets with a more suitable design for them.

Engraved leather bracelets: for the most natural ones

Leather is a vibrant natural material that, due to its characteristics, shows a multitude of imperfections in its grain. Although it seems that the leather spoils immediately, this natural material usually changes shape or shows different tears on its skin.

It then allows us to have leather bracelets with character, which makes us stand from others. Bear in mind that leather bracelets lose their shape over time. So, consider the size if you are thinking of giving one to a friend or family. If the bracelet seems a little bit small at first, it is okay because the leather yields, and in the first weeks, the personalised bracelet will already look great.

Like silver bracelets, these are also engraved with a name or text on the front plate. Leather bracelets are very special because they have a lot of personalities. They are naturally imperfect and perfect for the most genuine people in the world. This gift is ideal for the sensitive and sincere people in your surroundings.

We have bracelets with different designs for men and women. It is a personal gift and easy to wear, especially for men. Don't think about it twice and start looking at all the engraved leather bracelets we have.

Engraved steel bracelets

Many people think that stainless steel is the low-quality version of silver, but it is actually not. It makes the bracelet have a bright surface, perfectly simulating authentic silver but reducing the cost. Steel is much cheaper than silver, but it has a reason: stainless steel covers the bracelet with a shiny surface that looks like silver.

However, it is very easy to mix both materials since both are high quality. Stainless steel is a perfect material for engraved bracelets, as the laser leaves a fine and elegant coloured engraving, suitable for any surprise. Therefore, our customers love our steel bracelets to make an unforgettable personalised gift.

All of our stainless-steel bracelets have different shapes and are intended for different people. Who does not have a niece that is starting to wear jewellery? Or a friend with wrists covered with bracelets? Our custom steel bracelets will leave them speechless.

More youthful and special bracelets: colourful for having a great time

These bracelets are more special as we make them with different coloured beads, ribbons and charms for all tastes. We have bracelets for adventurous travellers, bracelets for the most religious and a lot of themes to fit your needs.

We always add a silver or steel plate to our bead bracelets so they can be personalised with a name or text. This small detail is what makes these bracelets so special. Therefore, they are perfect for the most adventurous people and those who enjoy human connection very much. You may have a friend who loves being with their most loved ones. So this is the perfect gift for her.

Custom wristbands: festivals, clubs and other parties

The ribbon is a material that has become fashionable in recent years. If you have been to any music festival, you may have come back with many wristbands. The same happens when the clubs meet to create bracelets that identify themselves.

That is why we have included this type of personalised bracelet in our catalogue for this purpose: to make people enjoy the different leisure activities and make each moment more special. Surely when you return from parties or a festival, you wish to remember it thanks to these wristbands.

The peculiarity of this gift is that you can now customise the bracelet for your entire group. Choose the ribbon colour you want and add the text you want.

Its life-lasting engraving makes this water-resistant bracelet so special. Those bracelets will be yours forever.

Custom USB charger bracelet: your devices always at the highest level

Since portable chargers came on the market, the world of chargers have gone crazy. USB charger bracelets have become trending.

We offer two different models. The first one is in plain colours (black and white) and the second one with Spanish flag colours. You can choose the one you like best and personalise it with any name. It is the perfect gift for those that cannot live a second without their mobile phones.

This bracelet is very comfortable to wear, and anybody will notice what it really is. Also, this USB charger bracelet works with all devices, which makes it the perfect gift.