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New customised phone cases for everyday

When someone lands on our category for customised phone cases, it is very unlikely to find the same products as the day before.

We provide hundreds of different phone cases for every different smartphone and we watch very carefully the market to be on top of the latest launch. That’s why most of the time, you will some phone cases even before the actual launch of the latest phone.

A customised phone case: for what?

Maybe the first question is the easiest one: why do we need a phone case? The answer lies in two lines: one is more practical and the other is more aesthetics. Regarding practicality, one needs a phone case to protect his/her phone. Nowadays, because a Smartphone is really expensive, buying a phone case is always a good investment.

Yet, there is another reason for it: the amusement. Customising the back of your phone with the picture of your partner, the logo of your favourite football team or your favourite superheroes is a really good reason to have a customised phone case for your smartphone.

Easy process to buy your customised phone case

We all thought, at least once, about where we can buy customised phone cases that are truly unique and inimitable. Well, at Made in Gift, we make it easy for you. The process is as easy: choose your phone model, the type of phone case, customise it and receive directly at your home. Everything is produced in our factories so that you can receive the phone from one day to the next. But let’s break the process into smaller steps:

  1. Choose the phone model. As we said before, we almost have all brands: from Apple’s iPhone to Samsung’s Galaxy, Sony’s Xperia or BQ’s Aquaris. Of course, we also have customised phone case for Huawei, LG, Nokia, Alcatel, Xiaomi and even for ZTE.
  2. Choose the type of phone case. We have different models:
    • Rigid phone case: resistant, hard and affordable.
    • Silicon phone case: flexible, maybe more long-lasting.
    • 3-D phone case: we print on 100% of the phone case, even on the side.
    • Phone case with cover: the typical phone cases you need to open to use the phone.
    • Defender phone case: mix between silicon and rigid materials for the maximum protection.
  3. Customise the phone case. Over the years, we’ve realised that there are as many phone cases as there are people. We have seen everything: phone cases with kissing couples, with inspirational quotes, football players, superheroes, politicians… The idea is that your phone is fully customised to your taste. Therefore, you can create the perfect phone case for you thanks to our editor.
  4. Tell us your information and the delivery date of your choice.
  5. We customise phone cases for wholesale price

    If you have a company, a football team or you belong to any other organisation, we also offer wholesale trade. All you have to do is write to us for a quotation because we may be able to offer you the best price for your needs.

    By the way, we ship all around Spain and Europe so that you can receive your phone case directly at home. You are the only one who can put a limit!

    If you read until here, it is because you are really interested in creating your own customised phone case. What are you waiting for? As you have seen, it is very easy. Try it and if you have any doubt, feel free to contact our customer service (available 365 days a year).