Gift Wrap

Complete your surprise with a special touch brought with this fantastic personalised gift wrapping paper. If you are one of those who think that unwrapping something is almost as magical as the surprise itself, you will find it incredible to be able to make your own gift wrapping paper. We got personalised wrapping paper for all times of the year and intended for different reasons. Just upload a photo or a text, and you will have the perfect personalised packaging for your surprise.

Original wrapping paper

When we talk to our customers, whether by phone, email or social networks, we always say the same. In a gift the product is as important as the experience itself: that the product arrives on time, that the dealer is friendly, the moment of opening the box ... Precisely for that reason, we know that a personalised wrapping paper can make a difference.

Imagine the situation: your son gets up in the morning on his birthday, goes to the living room and finds a lot of presents wrapped in a paper that has his favourite superheroes. Don't you think he will love it? But it is that in an adult it would be the same reaction of illusion and happiness: think about how it would be if your partner gives you a gift for your anniversary that is wrapped in a paper with a collage of your photos.

Types and examples of personalised wrapping paper

We could give infinite examples, because personalised wrapping paper is perfect in almost every situation. But we are going to explain some of our personalised wrapping papers.

Collage wrapping paper

First, we would like to show you the collage wrapping paper. This paper includes a collage made from the picture you send us with a polaroid effect. It is, despite its simplicity, one of the most successful gift wraps.

Personalised wrapping paper with family pictures

Second, another of the biggest hits: the personalized family wrapping paper. Many times, we want to make a personalised gift, but we can't since we don't have pictures of that person.

This will not be a problem anymore with this type of wrapping paper. You only need to choose between 50 different characters and write the names you want; you will have the most adorable gift wrap in the world.

Gift wrapping paper for anniversaries or Valentine’s Day

For lovers we have the love wrapping paper, in which we will alternate the photograph you send us with a lot of hearts. Perfect for occasions such as Valentine's Day or anniversaries, although you can use it any time when you want to have a detail with your partner.

Wrapping paper for geeks

If the person you are going to give the gift to is a bit of a geek, the superhero gift wrap is the one perfect for these friends.

In addition to the photo you provide, we will put a lot of onomatopoeias from the world of comics. Okay, you may not know what we are talking about if you don't like superheroes or science fiction, but we assure you that the person who receives the gift will love it.

Thousands more reasons for wrapping paper

We have many other models: for princesses, for Christmas, for Mother's Day ... But if we talked about all of them, there would be an infinite text. The best thing is that you take a look to our section and see which one suits your tastes.

By the way, all the models of wrapping paper are made in a paper of 80 grams of thickness: the perfect quality so that wrapping is not uncomfortable, at the same time the paper is neither transparent nor broken. We print in photographic quality, so the result will be exceptional.

In addition, each roll of paper is two meters long and seventy centimetres wide. With it, you can wrap approximately four gifts, however you have to consider the size. For example, you could wrap at least 12 or 14 mobile cases, but only for a couple of giant gifts. In case you fall short, we have a special price in case you want to buy two rolls of paper or gift wrap in bulk.