If you are looking for personalised clocks, you are in luck: this is one of our specialities. We have wall clocks, table clocks and wristwatches. We make them from different materials, some of them very conventional (like wood) and others really surprising. Did you know that you can buy a clock made of real vinyl? A clock as a gift never fails and, we are also talking about an object that never loses its usefulness.

Create your own character

Customised clocks with photo and very original designs

Time is money, and that's why you have to make the most of it. If you are one of those who live life without thinking twice, enjoying every minute and every second, this section is the right one for you. Living with a clock is very important to know what time it is and to make the most of your time every day.

But having a beautiful clock is not the same as having a spectacular one. That's why our personalised clocks are so special, because we give them that added value that many people ask for. All of them are personalised with a photo, with an original design or with an engraved text.

Customised clocks: materials, differences and originality

Once you know that time is money and that a clock is very important to make the most of this short life, it is very important to decide on the model of clock you want, wristwatch, wall clock or table clock. It is also important to think about the material of the clocks, and their designs.

In order to be able to explain our entire catalogue, we have divided our personalised clocks into three main groups:

Customised wooden clocks: elegance and freedom for everyone

Wood is a very original material for making gifts, as it allows you to personalise everything in a unique way. Wood is never the same, so gifts won't always be identical either.

Within this group, you can find three different clocks, all of them very original, but with different functionalities.

Engraved wristwatch: you’ll never be late

Not being late for appointments is very important, and that can only be achieved by having the time at hand.

Our wristwatch is made of wood and is engraved with a name on the strap. Tell us the name you want, and we will personalise the wooden wristwatch so you can keep it yourself, or give it as a gift to the friend who is always late.

Personalised table clock

Waking up and having a clock next to you is a sign that you care about enjoying every moment to the fullest. If your friends, your partner or your family is also like that, here you will find a lot of original designs for a personalised wooden table clock.

It should be noted that the table clock is made of wood, so that the personalisation is much more beautiful, and of higher quality. It is a 4 cm thick wooden board to which we put the hands and the whole system so that the clock works perfectly.

You can personalise these clocks with a special photo for you, or look at all the designs we have for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and other special occasions, and choose the one you like the most. They are all personalised, unique for the most special person!

Personalised wall clock

If you're more classic and you fancy giving a personalised wall clock as a gift, we also have products for you.

The designs are the same as the table clocks, but the wall clock is larger. While the table clock measures 27cm x 20cm, the wall clock measures 49.5cm x 30cm. The difference is considerable, which is why these clocks are perfect for people with more place to put up a clock.

The designs and photos look great on wood, making it a perfect gift to give as a nice surprise.

Canvas clock with photo: ideal for decorating the house

This is one of the most original products we have in clocks. It's a personalised canvas with the photo of your choice, to which we've added some hands so that it works like a clock. It's amazing!

So, if you want to give something really original and surprising as a gift, this clock canvas is the right choice. Choose the photo you want, and we'll personalise it so that it arrives ready to give to your partner or family.

They'll have a canvas on their wall, but with the functions of a clock. Amazing! It's a great gift!

Original clocks: for all tastes

Furthermore wooden clocks and the canvas clock, we have a wide variety of different and very original clocks; for example, a vinyl clock . All the clocks are personalised with a photo, so that you can make them unique and give them as a gift to the people you want.

We are talking about round clocks for the wall, heart-shaped clocks for the wall or a customised clock in a tin with a photo. All our clocks are customised with a photo.