Figures and rollups

Making a life-size cutout is fun for birthdays, communions, company dinners and any other event. In fact, you do not need a special party: don't you think your child's favourite superhero can be a good decorative element? We got stand-up cutouts of all sizes, as well as posters, roll-ups, giant masks and even cardboard frames that can be made out of the photos you take.

Life-size figures and rollups for special celebrations

How many times have you thought about organising a big event, but never turned out as you had imagined? Rollups or life-size figures can be particularly interesting when organising any event.

Taking your picture are one of the funniest and most appealing activities at an event. Guests always have a great time taking photos or selfies with a festive accessory (sunglasses, hats, Father Christmas hats, etc.). It is always a good idea for a company event, a wedding or a party with friends.

Most of the photobooths are made up of fun backgrounds and festive accessories so that people can dress up and disguise themselves in a funny way. Great, yes, but adding a life-size figure will make the photo much better!

If we haven't convinced you yet, keep reading!

Life-size figures for the funniest photos and memories

Do you think your room needs a change? Have you started to decorate it differently, but there's something that doesn't quite fit? If you are a fan of the Simpsons or if your favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo, you can add them to your room as a life-size figure.

The life-size figures are made of a 1-cm thick cardboard. It is the perfect accessory for an event as well. In addition to being a decorative element in a children's room, life-size figures work very well at company events.

Many of your employees would take selfies and thousands of photos that management might use to make an original video in memory of a year of hard work. It's a great way to thank all employees for their responsibility to the company!

Figures of your idols in real-size to admire them whenever you want

Are you aware that you can have a life-size figure of that person or character you admire so much? It's a golden opportunity!

The purchase process is very straightforward. You only have to upload a picture of your idol to turn it into a life-size figure. Tell us the desired height, and we will do the rest. If you cannot find a high-quality photo or one that you like, we can help you. Give us a call or send us an e-mail, and we will help you find the best picture.

Please note that these photos need to be of high quality so that they are sharp when converted to life-size figures.

Life-size figures of your pets

If your pet is the star of the house, it will love to have its own life-size figure. It's sure to keep company when it is alone at home. It will play with the ball and have fun in so many different ways.

Besides, if you want to show that there are lots of pets living in your house, you can put the life-size figure on the porch. This way, your neighbours will know that pets live with you.

Personalised rollups for all kinds of events

If you have ever had to organise an event, you might have faced the same problem again and again. How to notify that this event is taking place? A rollup customised however you want it to be may be a great option.

All you have to do is choose one of the designs we have on the website, or make your own. Once you have it, the event entrance is a great place to place it.

The rollup can be used for communions, weddings, company events or a friend's birthday. The important thing is your design. You can become the most original event organiser in the world.

You can add the rollup both indoors and outdoors. If your idea is to organise an event in a garden, the panel is, therefore, perfect for you. It comes with a stand so you can place it wherever you need it. The paper will look great with your design; in fact, you can even keep it to remember the event that went so well. Or, for example, you can keep it to show it at the company reception, so that everyone remembers the good times you had, and the working atmosphere is absolutely improved.

Figures and posters for the funniest and most adventurous people

Besides life-size figures of acquaintances, idols, cartoons or pets and rollups for any event, this category also offer personalised frames that might come in handy in a photobooth.

If you're going on holiday or if you have got a party planned, these frames can be great for adding a bit of fun to the moment.

But not only that, but we also have a FIFA FUT card, which you can personalise to surprise that friend, sibling or partner who plays FIFA a lot.

In short, we have a lot of different models so that your imagination and creativity can help you prepare for the best event in the world. Of course, if you do not find your ideal figure, write to us, and we will gladly do it for you.