Life-Size Stand-Up Posters

Making a life-size cutout is fun for birthdays, communions, company dinners and any other event. In fact, you do not need a special party: don't you think your child's favourite superhero can be a good decorative element? We got stand-up cutouts of all sizes, as well as posters, roll-ups, giant masks and even cardboard frames that can be made out of the photos you take.

Life-size stand-up posters and roll-ups

Life-size figures or roll-ups are ideal to celebrate more fun events or parties. In addition, they are perfect for any occasion from birthdays, communions, business dinners and any other event. It does not have to be a special event can also serve as decoration, surely your child is excited to have a figure of his scale. We have figures of all sizes, in addition to posters, roll-ups, giant masks and even pen cardboard frames to take pictures.

Life-size figures

Can you imagine your friend's face when he sees a figure of himself on a real scale? These cardboard figures are the perfect complement to animate any event from a birthday party, a communion or even a company event.

We have a lot of different models to fit all occasions and for everyone's tastes here we will explain the most relevant models we offer.

Real-size figures of people: Who has not wanted to have a real-sized cardboard figure of themselves? They are a very funny gift and will be the main attraction of any party. In addition, you can not only choose an image of yourself, but it can be that of your idol. Also, you can make one life-size figure of your kids for the communion celebration. Or you can even have a cardboard mask of your face... The possibilities are endless.

Real-size figures of pets: If instead you are one of those who like animals more than almost people, this real-size figure of your pet is made for you. Surely you know someone to give a gift as fun as this.

Posters: Can you imagine having a picture of you on a full-scale poster? It can be a great idea to give as a gift as it is super original and fun. You can surprise one of your friends with a photo of him in real size, the laughs are assured. You will only need a photo of him and tell us the height, we will take care of the rest.

Photo call frames

Surely, you've been to more than one party or event and the photo call has been the focus of the whole party. These pen cardboard frames are perfect for decorating any party or event. In addition, we have different themes: Facebook, Instagram, Tinder and not only social networks but we also have a “Be Wanted” framework and the famous Pasapalabra frame.

The frames cannot be missing at any party, they are perfect for all guests to take pictures and have a beautiful memory of that day. The best of all is that you can customize it with the name and date of the event, so you can create unforgettable memories.

Roll-ups for all occasions

Roll-ups are the perfect complement to any event or party. They are part of the decoration of the event and everyone is photographed with them so they will also be a beautiful memory of the party or event.

In Made In Gift we have different models of roll-ups for any occasion. We have roll-ups for communions so that everyone can take a picture and have a nice memory of that special day. The designs are very nice, and you can customize them with the name of the kid and the date of the event. But they are also available for graduations, for company events, for bachelor parties…

Other celebrations

If you are not convinced with these designs, we also have custom figures for special occasions like Halloween. We have personalised cardboard tombstones and pumpkins to make your Halloween party the most terrifying and the most original. You can customize the tombstones with the names you want to scare your guests to death.

Are you a sports fan? If you love your team, you will surely love to have your team's shield in giant format. Therefore, we also offer to personalise the cardboard with your team’s shield in a large size.

We have figures, posters, masks, roll-ups for all tastes sure you find the perfect one to decorate your birthday parties, bachelor parties and even company dinners.