If you want to surprise someone who is crazy about technology, in this section you will find all kinds of original gadgets: smartphone cameras, solar chargers, USB pens, speakers for the shower, personalised power banks... We are very attentive to the market, to always bring the latest novelties and constantly renew the section. This way you will always find new things to give as gifts.

Gadgets for those who are crazy about technolgy

In our category for gadgets, you can find lots of gifts for those who are in love with technolgy and who always looking for the latest surprising gadget.

But don't believe this section is only for geeks because we have several products made for people who enjoy having fun at home, for those who love gifts that create an experience or just for those who are looking for very original gifts.

If you are looking for a gift for a true geek, virtual reality glasses may be the best option. It is an affordable gift that offers lots of possibilities because it can make a mobile phone into a 360º virtual reality device. With all the apps on the market today, they will never get bored with this gift.

We also have several surprising small house appliances. Have you ever dreamt of having your own popcorn or candy floss machine at home? If so, you can find both appliances in this category. We also offer a chocolate fountain, perfect for surprise your guests with the world's best dessert.

In our section of gadgets, you can obviously find smartwatches. We don't expect to compete with Apple or Samsung, but we can do something they don't. That's why we offer GPS locator watches for children and the elderly. They have GPS, an emergency button and everything necessary to help those family members who need a little extra assistance.

Original gadgets for those who like traveling

For instance, if a friend of yours can't stop travelling around the world, you must have looked for a gadget for travellers. We sell a lot of them! For example, a solar charger you can hang to your bag. It is waterproof, resists sand and will allow you to charge your smartphone without having to plug it in.

We have a solution. For instance, you can order a custom set of travelling chargers. So you always have something at hand to change your phone. But if you prefer to use power banks, we personalise them as well.

Odd gadgets for the less techy people

For those who are not necessarily looking for a tech gadget, we have lovely flying lanters. We are talking about bags of light that, when turned on, will fly out and allow you to make a wish or meet our deepest thoughts.

In Made in Gift, we are environmental-friendly: all of our lanterns are biodegradables and do not contain pieces that can harm animals.

Gadgets for those who love DIY projects

If you are looking for a gift that makes other gifts, we also have it.

Have you heard of our bottle cutter? Thanks to it, you can transform your beer or wine bottles into fun objects such as vases or light bulbs. The perfect gift for those who are mad on DIY.

The list of gadgets is long and diverse. We are proud to say that this text might be out-dated because our purchasing team is always looking for the most innovative gadgets on the market. In other words, we work hard to get the products that no one else has.