Blankets and home

There are two real top favourites in this section: personalised blankets for the winter and personalised towels for the summer. You can find them in different sizes and materials and with hundreds of unique designs. Of course, you can discover many more personalised products: Shower curtains, cushion covers, tables, toilet seat covers...

Personalised blankets and home gifts

Personalised home gifts are always a success. Who does not like to decorate their house with photos of their loved ones or the most unforgettable moments? Among those kinds of gifts, one stands out above the rest. Perhaps, you are one of those who like that their home has personality and know how to impress all their guests.

If you are in this section, it may be because you are interested in decoration and pay attention to small details. This category is full of original gifts to improve the decoration of your interior space. A real feast of creativity and surprises authentically loving, tender and full of joy for the whole family.

Our personalised blanket is the product that stands out the most as it is the must-have accessory for long nights watching films. If you were wondering where to buy custom blankets, you have come to the right place because we have everything you were looking for.

A home with personality: a world full of possibilities to decorate

The decoration of an interior space is so personal that we do not dare to give any advice on the subject. However, we do like to bring joy, laughter and well-being. Therefore, this section of blankets and home aims for you to find the perfect products to give or keep in your home. Bring a touch of humour to something as conventional as a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom or even a bathroom.

We search for the best products on the market. At Made In Gift, we want the best gifts to always bring the brightest of smiles. Therefore, we offer a selection of the best products to better understand the section:

Personalised blankets: a gift full of love and fun

In winter, all houses should have more than one blanket for when you lie on the couch and do not do anything for the entire day. Surely your family will enjoy a collection of super cool blankets so you can get cosy with mom or dad. If you live with your partner, you can have a blanket to snuggle and enjoy an afternoon full of romanticism and love.

If thos descibesyou and your family perfectly, you need a special personalised blanket to decorate your living room. Imagine having a blanket with a design you have chosen for yourself or a loved one. Is not it perfect?

Personalised blankets are the most popular product in this section. We believe that nothing is more adorable, romantic and charming than a blanket with a photo of the people you love or with a super cool message to brighten the day of those who surround you. That's why our custom blankets have a variety and a very thorough review.

They are made of 100% polyester for a higher quality print. You will not have any problem with the personalisation as it does not fade over time. In addition, you can wash the blanket without any problem: as long as the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees. The blanket will come out in perfect condition and clean!

As happens everywhere, the winner of the section is the one with the most followers and, therefore, the most spoiled. As a result, we have endless custom designs for our blankets.

What we are talking about? For your better understanding of the magnitude of this original gift, we have divided the project into three large groups:

Personalised blankets for families: the love for your family has no limits

As in custom cushions, mugs and other products, blankets also have different families. It is a collection of thematic characters, which you can modify until you adapt it to your own family.

For example, the Hobbies Family is the most demanded. It is a collection of characters with different hobbies: cooking, photography, motorcycles, gardening, etc. If any of these hobbies represents a family member, choose the character and name them. Do the same process until you complete your own family. Isn't it fun?

We have more than 15 families, so you enjoy customising your blanket. You have a very fun and creative job to do if you like this project. Design a perfect gift by personalising a Family blanket.

Personalised blankets with photo: a traditional, yet highly valuable gift

A photograph is always worth a thousand words. If you are one of those who think like us, these personalised blankets with photos are perfect for giving to your most loved ones.

We have two options: customise the blanket with a photo or design that you have made or customise it with a collage designed by our team. You will only need to upload the photos and create a super cool blanket.

In the end, the best option is to personalise the blanket yourself, because a gift can never be so personal if you don't design it 100%. Therefore, start choosing the photos you want to customise the blanket with and create a super nice and original gift.

Personalised blankets with fun designs: a Sunday afternoon plan

Our design blanket is so attractive to all our customers. Why? We make it very easy for you to get the perfect gift if you don't know what photo to use or you do not like the idea of families. We also have a series of designs with different themes for you to choose from.

Our design team has created blankets for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and many more special dates for you to choose your favourite one. You only need to answer some questions, such as name, dates or message, so the design suits your needs.

However, we also have designs prepared by us in which you can include a photo. These custom blankets are the most complete!

Custom duvet covers: sleeping with a smile is priceless

We have already mentioned that custom blankets are the star product of the section. But we have many more products to make your home a much more attractive and, above all, comfortable living space.

Therefore, one of our bets is custom duvet covers. How many times have you thought about changing your bedcover, but you can't find any that you like or, worse, that matches your bedroom's colour? Our custom duvet covers might be what you are looking for.

Choose the photo you want and customise the item to fit perfectly in your room. However, if you are a super creative person, you can make your own design and upload it to our editor. We will gladly customise it to brighten your home a little bit more. It is a stunning gift!

Custom toilet covers: an original gift for those seeking privacy in the bathroom

More and more bathrooms in restaurants have their toilet lid personalised with fun messages and super creative designs. It is a trend that we can also apply in our own homes. Why not have a fun bathroom for the whole family?

You can personalise the toilet cover with either one of our designs or your photo. It is a very personal and perfect gift for a friend who has just moved to live in a house by themselves.

The toilet lid has a great and high-quality impression. The image does not fade with time and is perfect for decorating a bathroom. You can find designs related to Star Wars or Game of Thrones, a design focused on the standards to keep the bathroom clean, or, as we said before, a toilet lid personalised with the photo you have chosen.

You can make many jokes with this product. Think about it and be creative!

Custom tables: children's play corner or student’s privacy

Made In Gift's personalised tables are great for any use your children want to give them. You might be tired of going to stores and only seeing white, grey or black tables, right? Our tables will bring a touch of joy to your children's room.

These are super solid tables of different sizes and uses. For example, the largest is designed to be used as a personalised desk. Talk to your son or daughter to get them to agree on the design they want. The purchase will be much more satisfactory, and your child can enjoy a desk chosen and designed by themselves. It's great!

In addition to the desk, one of the most demanded custom tables is the children's table. It has a low height so that children can play all kinds of games at the table. It is the perfect way to learn not to play on the floor and use the tables. You can choose a beautiful photo to customise the table.

And if you are tired of so many gifts for others, you can also customise your side table to enjoy a super alternative lounge. What a thrill!

Personalised carpet: guaranteed entertainment for the little ones

We think that children's games do not necessarily have to be toys but also decorative elements with which children can have a great time. One of those examples is the personalised carpet for small explorers, where your child can enjoy and meet different animals from around the world. Isn't it great?

They will have a great time. In addition, we personalise the carpet with your photo and your name to make the gift much more special. At the end of the day, you can decorate your child's bedroom with such original gifts.

Our goal is for your home to change colour and soak up the joy with personalised products. Therefore, we also have custom tablecloths or different types of custom kits

In this section, you will not miss anything. Start searching, and if in doubt, contact us.