Personalised sunshades for your car, van, lorry or any other four-wheeled vehicle. You can put any photo or message you want, choose from different materials and select the right size - your car will be the coolest in the neighbourhood! We've got plenty of designs ready for you. However, you can customise them from scratch and create exactly the one you want.

Protect your car from the sun with the funniest custom sunshades

Have you just got your driving license? Have you bought a new car? Then, one of our custom car sunshades is the perfect and most convenient gift for you.

Car sunshades are a more important object than it seems. When the sun is out, protection falls short. A custom sunshade is the best option to avoid waiting for the car to cool down or burning your hands on the steering wheel. It is a type of car accessory that you do not realise how convenient it may be until you have it. In addition, it is the classic object that you do not usually buy, but if they give one to you, you always end up using it.

Types and materials of our personalised sunshades

We have two different types of sunshades so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and tastes. On the one hand, the front sunshade protects the front of the car. Within the front sunshade, we have different sizes and different materials. The large sun visor measures 140 cm x 80 cm, suitable for minivans and vans, and the small one of 128 cm x 61 cm, designed for cars. In addition, you can choose the material that best suits you: cardboard or aluminium.

We also have sunshades to protect the car interior from the sun. These sun visors are an excellent gift for the kids as they can protect themselves from the sun in the back part of the car.

The customisation of this product for the car can be done in both black and white and colour. You can add a name, a date, any message or a fun photo.

All types of designs for your sunshades

We have a wide variety of designs so that you can always find one that suits your tastes and needs or the recipient's. We have a wide selection of fun and inspiring car sun visors. You can add family pictures, customise it with the funniest phrases and even "design" your own family in the form of Lego, Playmobil or different characters. We don't want to limit your creativity. That's why we make possible all the design ideas that you can think of so that your sunshade is unique and exclusive.

To whom to give a personalised sunshade for the car?

The personalised sunshade is the perfect gift for your child, friend or roommate that has just passed the driving license. It is an original gift to celebrate the introduction to the driver's world.

It is also a special gift for that friend or relative who has just bought their first car. It is a unique, surprising and convenient gift for that special someone.