Headphones & Earphones

Listen to your favourite music now with these fantastic custom headphones and earphones! Not only will those devices sound beautiful, but you will also be able to personalise them with texts, names, dates or with the photo you want. This is, without a doubt, the best gift for a music lover! Choose your favourite model and customise it your way. That way, you will have a unique gift that will never go unnoticed.

Customised headphones and earphones to listen to music anywhere

Do you listen to music while walking in the streets? Do you always have your earphones or headphones on when commuting or when taking public transport? It’s a fact: wireless earphones have become essential in our daily lives. Wherever we go, we always have our earphones on. Besides, since we have wireless earphones, it has been more comfortable and easier to do so.

Are you one of those who cannot go out without their earphones? In this category, you are going to get crazy when you’re going to see all of the designs, and types of earphones and headphones we have.

It might be possible that you stopped using earphones because the cable always tangles up in your coat or your handbag. If so, wireless earphones are the perfect solution for you.

If you need to listen to music every day because it calms and distracts you, you are going to love this category. We have anything you need!

Customised wireless earphones for those who love audio content

Music is universal. Who doesn’t have a favourite song? Who has never gone to a concert of his or her favourite band? Most of the people who go out alone in the streets, or who take public transport, usually wear earphones to listen to their favourite music.

But music is not the only audio content that exists. Radio, for instance, is very much in demand as some people listen to it to stay up to date on the news while going from a place to somewhere else.

And what about podcasts? They are becoming increasingly more interesting and easier to listen to while walking in the streets or doing another tedious task.

If you want to try those wireless earphones, this is a perfect time. Besides, in this category, you can find lots of different designs to fully customise them.

Three types of earphones are available, and all of them are compatible with any mobile device .

Wireless earphones recommended for occasional use.

These customised wireless earphones are perfectly sized to fit in any pocket, coat or bag. They are larger than the other two available, making them a good option for those who are not used to small devices.

You can customise the case of the earphones with a name or one of many designs available in the category. Moreover, you can also write down your own message, with the font of your choice and the colours you prefer. They are 100% personalised!

Obviously, these wireless earphones can be the perfect gift to give that special person who loves to listen to music or to consume audio content, but who does not require 24-hour use. Also, these earphones are really affordable!

Customised wireless earphones for intensive use

However, these customised wireless earphones are more expensive, because they are made for more intensive use. We all know someone who cannot live without earphones. In addition to listening to music, s/he always wear them to take calls.

They are perfect for business owners, for instance, who are always on the phone and need to be connected anytime. That’s why, if your father is one of those people or if you know someone who might need these earphones, this is the perfect opportunity to surprise them. Make the most of his birthday, a special day you celebrate together, or simply give him a surprise just because.

These earphones are smaller in size but more solid. Their quality is higher, which can be seen in the price. That’s why they are really good earphones for those who are going to use them a lot. Don’t think about it!

Of course, you can also customise these earphones as you want them to be. Nice!

Customised wireless earphones for the most minimalists

This is the perfect customised wireless earphones that can fit any pocket, hence their name “pocket earphones”. They are compatible with any mobile device and are high-quality.

These headphones are between those recommended for sporadic use and those recommended to those who do use them every day and for many hours. They are a perfect balance; therefore, they are ideal for all types of people. If you are looking for an original gift for that friend who is very fond of audio content, these custom earphones may be the best option.

Find a design that you like and we will customise them so that you can give him or her a surprise. In fact, if you are not convinced by any of our designs, just contact us and we will prepare it for you. We offer all the possibilities in the world!

Customised Airpods case for a full-protection

Airpods case have become indispensable to protect your wireless earphones. This is an original gift for any person who loves to take care of his or her things. Just as we can customise cases for mobiles and try to find an original one that we like, wireless headsets also ask for their fun case.

Our cases will protect your headphones from any fall, so you won't have to worry about it. Also, you can customise yours as you like: with a name or a text.

We don't customise them in colour, because we don't print them, we engrave them. The finish is of exquisite quality, suitable to surprise anyone on any occasion.

Customised headphones: with or without wire

At Made in Gift, we don’t discriminate against anyone. That’s why we try to have a wide range of products so that you can find everything you need. Are you one of those people who are not used to wireless earphones? Here you have products perfectly made for you.

Customised headphones are a lifetime product, those who cover your ears so that you can listen to your favourite music very well. You can customise them with a photo in each ear, designing the most exclusive headphones in the world.

If you know that the person you want to surprise with a gift does not use earphones, this option is very good. You can choose between wired and wireless headphones. In other words, if the problem with not using headphones is that they fall off or seem uncomfortable, you can always choose wireless headphones, which are just as comfortable.

You have multiple options to give your audio content a boost!