Picture frames

With our personalised photo frames, you will find the perfect space for placing that unique photo. An engraved frame is always an elegant gift for weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. We have wonderful frames in different shapes, sizes and colours. But these frames have something in common: good taste and excellent quality. If you already started thinking of personalising a photo, start by choosing the place where this lovely memory will stay for many years.

Personalised photo frames for your best memories

There is nothing more meaningful than giving personalised keepsakes. As such, our section of personalised frames is great to surprise a special person. Your picture is as important as the frame because, at the end of the day, it is the decorative item that will turn a photo into the best decoration for your living room or bedroom.

We have created a selection of the most beautiful, original and the highest quality frames. We hace different kinds are available: colours, sizes and materials... You will find one that suits your needs for sure! The Made in Gift team is passionate about emotional gifts that remind off incredible moments and make the recipient smile every time they see them. That's why we believe that a personalised frame is a terrific and surprising option, and even more so if you also include your own photograph.

Sizes, materials and colours

Not all houses are the same. Every home has its own personality, which makes it special and unique, hence our wide variety of frames. Depending on the decoration, colours and size of your home, you can choose one or the other to get the perfect gift for that person.

The personalised wooden frames are one of the star products of this section. They are available in different tones and finishes. Polished wood frames in light colours, darker colours, marbled wood and even vintage frames simulating aged and worn wood... In addition to the traditional natural tones such as maple, fir or walnut, we have tinted frames in different tones. Blues and pinks are perfect for the little ones... and our coloured vintage frames are incredible for decorating any room.

Our customers are particularly fond of our personalised metal frames. Metal is a simple but elegant material that brings a lot of personality to any room. Many of our metal frames are personalised with cartoon characters so that children can also enjoy this type of gift. Add your kid's name to our Snoopy, Miffy the bunny or kitten design! You can also include a photo of when they were a baby so they'll always have a precious reminder of that time in their life.

As for the size of the frames, many sizes are available. Photo frames allow you to include classic print sizes such as 10x15, 20x25 or 18x24 cm, larger sizes such as 20x30 or smaller sizes such as 7x5.

The personalisation of our frames and photo frames is done with a high-quality engraving that ensures its long life. You only have to tell us the text you want to write, whether a small sentence, a name or a special date. In addition, you can also add the option of printing your picture on photographic paper. It will make your gift even more special and personal. We believe that every frame is made for a photo and that one, in particular, should always carry your favourite one.

On what occasion can we give a personalised frame as a gift?

Gifting a personalised frame is a perfect option if you want to delight the person who receives it. As mentioned before, photographs are a precious gift far beyond aesthetic purpose. It is not just about choosing a beautiful picture, but one that reminds that person of precious times and makes them relive them. Choose a frame that suits their tastes and personalise it so that there is no other like it. Don't you think it's a beautiful present?

We have personalised birth and communion frames, the perfect gift for these celebrations. The communion frames are an amazing reminder of such an emotional day. Meanwhile, the birth frames are great for surprising new parents on such an important event. You can personalise it with their date of birth and relevant details of that day. We also have a frame for when your kid turns one year old. The "Months photo frame with photo" is amazing to always remember the first stage of their life.

Frames and framed photos are also perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, or for surprising your partner just because. For example, after a fantastic trip, you can give them a frame with the date or the place of your new adventure. You could even include your favourite photo of those days.

If you have some friends who have just become moved to a new flat, a frame is great for giving them a decorative gift for their new home... Or showing your parents, siblings or friends how important they are to you. Even better, if you want to thank your children's teacher for the great job she's done this year, you can give them a personalised frame with a class picture.

After browsing this section and seeing all the possibilities that our personalised photo frames offer, you're sure to have found your touching and original gift!