In this section, we offer you countless different personalised doormats. You can choose between different materials and sizes, put your photo or text on them or choose from the designs we suggest. They are not only a perfect gift, but also the best way to personalise your entrance area.

Make the entrance to your home original

Have you just moved? Are you redecorating your house? Our custom doormats are the piece you need to complete your home.

Doormats are a much more important accessory than it seems. Not only are they important for their functionality, but they are the entrance of your flat that gives the first impression to your guests. Having a custom doormat with your photo or with a very positive message will always make you smile when you arrive home.

Types of doormats to customise

We have two different types of doormats, so you can choose the one that best suits you. On one hand, coconut fibre doormats are very resistant ideal to withstand traffic. We have three sizes available: 60 x 30, 70 x 40 cm, 100 x 60 cm, perfect measurements for any entrance. In addition, they are 15 millimetres thick which makes them more resistant yet soft. On the other hand, the sole is made of rubber, so it grips well onto the floor and does not move from its place.

This doormat can be personalised both in black and white or in colour. You can, therefore, send us a fun picture, a text with your names, the date on which you moved into your new home or even a positive message to make you smile every time you go out or come in.

We also have another type of custom colour doormat. This time, it measures 70 x 40 cm. Its high-quality print gives more vibrant colours to your pictures. It is also perfect for creating texts in colour or with the background in some concrete colour scheme. This process will be done in our editor, where you can use your imagination as you wish.

Doormats are an object that is intended to be stepped on daily, so you might think that they will wear out quickly and that the image will fade out as fast. But the great quality of our doormats and the techniques used make the print hold intact. Coconut doormats have a longer duration due to their resistant material, and 70 x 40 doormats last one year.

All kinds of designs for your doormat

Our wide variety of designs makes it very easy to find one that suits your liking or those of the recipient. We have a selection of doormats inspired by movies and TV series like The Simpsons, perfect for geek friends. In addition, you can also design your doormat with the most famous quotes of your favourite characters.

We do not want to limit your creativity and imagination. All of your ideas are possible to make your doormat unique and exclusive. You can include pictures of your pets, customise it with the funniest and most original phrases and even design your own Lego or Playmobil family.

To whom you can give a personalised doormat?

There are many occasions when a personalised doormat could be the best gift option. Because, at the end of the day, small gestures are the best gifts. Giving a personalised doormat to your friends and family will, therefore, make them feel special.

It is an ideal gift for people who have recently moved in and are slowly forming their nest. Surely, they will be very excited about this gift. It has a very special meaning besides being fun, tender and useful. With this doormat, you will be part of that person's home, supporting them in their independence and wishing them all the best.

And for your roommate? Don't you think it's an incredible idea to show them how special it is to you and how happy you are to be able to share this experience together? It is an essential part of this stage, whether it is your partner, your best friend or your friend. It's time to thank them !

It is also a perfect wedding gift, even for birthdays and special dates such as Mother's Day and Father's Day. It is also great to surprise your roommate or your partner and show them how happy you are of sharing your life with them.