On this website, giving pyjamas as a gift will no longer be a boring and customary act. You can now surprise anyone nicely with customised pyjamas with their favourite photo or a very funny image or a memorable quote printed on it. We invite you to choose from the different designs we propose in our pyjamas section. There is also the chance to get personalised pyjamas intended solely for couples, which is the perfect excuse for those who love cuddling in bed. Take a look at our summer pyjamas, winter pyjamas and customised pyjamas for children.

Personalised pyjamas to easily fall asleep

There is an infinite battle between those sleeping in pyjamas and those sleeping naked. If you are looking around in this category, we imagine that you are one of those who sleep more comfortable with a soft, beautiful and, above all, comfortable pyjamas. The truth is that both options are valid, as they have benefits to fall asleep every night.

Without a doubt, we prefer sleeping with a warm pyjama and a big smile. Therefore, we have created this category of personalised pyjamas with lots of designs so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and tastes. Our goal is that, with these pyjamas, you go to sleep with a smile and every night you look forward to wearing your most loving pyjama.

The personalised pyjamas you can see here are 100% adaptable to your needs. You can find custom pyjamas with photos, or pyjamas with design that you can personalise by adding the name or a small text. In addition to being great for personal use, personalised pyjamas are designed to be a nice and original gift.

Personalised pyjamas to withstand cold and heat

How many times have you bought pyjamas for your children when winter starts? Does the arrival of summer mean that you have to buy summer pyjamas for the warm nights? The time has arrived, now you can give original pyjamas, full of excitement and personalised to surprise your loved ones.

There is no better gift than the one that implies an emotional connection between both the person giving the gift and the one receiving it. With our personalised gifts we try to get to this link so that the surprises are better and both parties can enjoy mutual love.

Therefore, we have created the category of personalised pyjamas in a very complete way so that everyone can give pyjamas to their liking. In this category, we offer winter pyjamas and summer pyjamas, one for each season. But both have something in common: they share the benefit of making you fall asleep with a big smile and have the best night sleep.

Here you will discover the most important features of our two different pyjamas models:

Personalised pyjamas for winter: in search of warmth

There is no doubt that a winter pyjama must be made up of long-sleeved shirt and long trouser. This is what you will find in Made In Gift personalised winter pyjamas section.

Long-sleeved shirts are very resistant, soft and, above all, warm. We look for comfortable t-shirts, and therefore, we work hard to get the best product. So that everyone can enjoy a custom long-sleeved pyjama shirt, we have many different sizes and different colours in stock, from which you can choose according to the design you like best.

In addition, we differentiate between men and women, being the shirt for men a little wider than the one for women. The goal is for the pyjamas to adapt to every type of body to be as comfortable as possible.

As for the long pants, they are a very warm garment. They are furry inside so that, in winter, you are warm very quickly. It should be noted that the pants are always grey, a colour that fits with all kinds of tones, which makes them cool and fun custom pyjamas to give to anyone. Of course, you can find different sizes, adjustable to all types of audiences: children and adults.

Personalised pyjamas for summer: enjoy the warm nights

Summer is the hottest time of the year and, depending on the area you live in, the nights are extremely warm. Therefore, it is not surprising that summer pyjamas are short-sleeved shirts and shorts.

As with winter pyjamas, you will find different colours and sizes of short-sleeved shirts, both for adults and children. It should be noted that they are made of cotton, a very soft material and that fits well to the body. The summer pyjamas shirt is, therefore, a very thoughtful choice to find the comfort and freshness that we all need in summer. You can choose the colour you like best and, of course, customize it to the fullest.

The pants are grey and very thin which makes them perfect for the warm season. As during summer, it is not necessary for anything or anyone to keep us warm, our pyjama pants are short, just above the knees, and very comfortable to watch a movie, sleep and enjoy a good morning coffee on the terrace while sunbathing. Also, we have many different sizes, both for adults and children.

How can you customize the pyjamas?

Winter and summer pyjamas are customized in the same way. But, how? Customization is only done on t-shirts; pants are included but cannot be customized.

The shirts have a printing base of 33 cm x 33 cm, where you can add a photo, a text, a photo with text, or simply use one of the designs we have created. You can adapt all the designs so that the pyjama suits the needs of the person you want to give it to. It is a very funny original gift that lasts for many years or until the little ones grow up.

Therefore, you have many options to choose from: winter or summer pyjamas, shirt colour, shirt size and pants size. Remember that the pants, both winter and summer, are grey in all pyjama’s models. You can play with the combinations you like best by choosing different colours of t-shirts.