Glasses and mugs

If you're looking for personalised mugs and glasses, you've come to the right place. We have dozens of different options from beer mugs, wine glasses, whisky glasses and even coffee mugs. Of course, each and every one of them is personalised with the text or design of your choice. It is an infinite source of gifts for beer or wine enthusiasts.

Customised mugs and glasses for those who enjoy life to the fullest

Needless to say, each drink has its own glass. We don't know the exact reason why, but the fact is that a Kwak beer doesn't taste the same in a beer mug as it does in its own distinctive glass. Depending on the type of beer or wine you drink, you will use different glasses, so there is no point in having just one sample!

We have a wide catalogue of personalised beer mugs and glasses so that you can choose and give the one you like the most. If you have the habit of meeting your friends at home and drinking special beers, the best option for you would be to personalise original beer mugs to surprise them. But if you have a friend who always drinks the same beer, or loves wine glasses, here you'll also find what you're looking for.

We don't just want to talk about beer and wine, as we understand that people tend to drink other types of beverages as well. In fact, we have engraved coffee mugs, smoothie glasses or original juice bottles, among others. We are aware that this is a lot of information, that's why we have categorised them into different groups to make it easier for you to make up your mind.

Personalised mugs and glasses for beer, wine, coffee, juice and much more

In this section we want to show you that our catalogue of personalised mugs and glasses is varied, and that this is a list where you can find the glassware you are looking for! It doesn't matter if everyone always talks about beer or wine, because we have other types of glasses.

Engraved beer mugs for the brewing masters

Do you have a friend whose favourite plan is to meet up at their house to drink a few beers? This is the place for you if you're looking for an original gift for them.

We have mugs for all kinds of beers and of different materials. The best-selling beer mug is the engraved glass beer mug with the text of your choice, but we have many other types of beer mugs.

We have more than 15 different beer mugs and glasses: for real beer masters we have the 1 litre engraved beer mug, with which you can have a great party. However, if you have a more relaxed friend, you can give them a ceramic beer mug personalised with a photo of you, or an engraved pint glass.

Furthermore, we offer you engraved beer glasses, like the beer steins, for example. If you're still not convinced because you need something much more original, here we have a list of original and different beer mugs: boot-shaped, with a skull, Medieval style (this one is an aluminium mug), or a Guinness pint glass.

This is a very original gift for any beer lover. Above all, we focus on having variety, it's often very appealing. If you already have a friend in mind, don't back out and think about which engraved mug you'll choose.

Personalised wine glasses: elegance on the table

You probably have a relative or friend who has taken a wine tasting course. Surely your parents often visit wineries because they are wine enthusiasts. Are we wrong? Giving them an engraved wine glass is a perfect idea to bring a smile to their faces.

You have all the freedom to personalise the glasses, which is great because you can engrave the same type of glass with different texts and give them to different people. For example, a romantic text or the names of a couple for the best couple in the world, or a more affectionate text for the parents - it's all up to you!

Our glasses are the Bordeaux type glasses that can be used for all types of wine, although they are usually used for red wine. It doesn't matter what wine the recipient of this original gift drinks, because with this glass they will taste great.

Engraved coffee mug: a range of possibilities

It is said that Colombia is the country that produces the best coffee in the world. We believe that a coffee is not 100% good if it is not drunk in its own personalised mug. That's why we have up to 6 different personalised coffee mugs for every occasion.

If your friend lives in Italy and you feel like giving them a gift to remind them of you in the morning, gift an Espresso or Cappuccino mug personalised with their name or a nice text that will make them happy.

The great thing about our personalised coffee mugs is that we have one for every type of coffee, so no one can go without a mug. Coffee, like beer or wine, should be drunk in its own mug. As we want everyone to be satisfied, you have a range of possibilities. Think carefully about the coffee your friend drinks and give them a mug to match.

Besides the Espresso and Cappuccino mug, we also have Ristretto mug, Oslo coffee and engraved Irish coffee mug. We reach out to all groups, so that no one is left without their original coffee mug.

Juice bottles and personalised smoothie glasses for an original summer

We say you can live an original summer because our engraved juice bottles are very different from what you've seen before. A light bulb-shaped glass tops the list of original juice bottles.

If you have a friend who loves smoothies and all juices, this could be the perfect gift to bring a smile to their face this summer. Think carefully about the text with which you want to personalise the glass with and enjoy life in the most original way.