Personalised candles! There is no better gift: full of symbolism, with the design of your choice, perfect for any time of the year... In this section you can find personalised candles in different shapes and colours. Furthermore, you can also buy air fresheners, mikados and anything else that can be used to fragrance a room. Of course, always personalised.


Personalised candles are an incredible gift for any occasion and for anyone. If you want to surprise your mother on Mother's Day or if you want to thank your friend for all their support, a personalised candle with their name or a picture will always be a hit. Candles are a gift full of symbolism and you can also customise them to your liking. In addition, it is the ideal gift for any time of the year, it does not matter if it is summer or winter, we have candles with all the fragrances you can imagine.

In this section of personalised candles, you will find all kinds of candles and air fresheners, of all possible shapes, colours and smells. If you are a little confused with all the models that we have, which are not few, here we will gradually explain all the products we have in this section. But do not forget that all the product can be customized to your liking, with a text, photo…

Customised candles

Our section of personalised candles is very wide, and we have candles for all tastes. We have from small candles to larger sizes, candles in glass vases or jars, round or square candles. Surely in this section you will find the perfect candle to give to that special person.

For example, the candles of two round sizes in which you can put your name, or your photo are perfect to give for a birthday or to complement a special gift. They are ideal for any room in the home as well as having a wide variety of different fragrances.

In the other hand, our vintage candles are ideal to make a gift full of feeling as these candles transport you to unforgettable moments of your life. Our vintage “Cookie” candle will take you directly to your childhood and when making cookies with your grandmother. Surely your mother or grandmother will be grateful for reminding her of a moment as special as that.

Customised air fresheners

But not only do we have candles, air fresheners are a very important part of this section. Air fresheners are an essential element in homes, and good not only for homes, but for cars as well. If you are also tired of the typical air fresheners that are plugged in and are usually a bit ugly, we give you the solution with some cooler and clear, personalised air fresheners. In addition, we not only have air fresheners for your home, but you can also have your car well flavoured with our car air fresheners.

Custom car fresheners

Air fresheners for the car are a fundamental item to have. But they are one of those things that we always forget to buy. If you know someone who always forgets the air freshener, we have the solution, personalised car air fresheners.

Our air fresheners are hung in the rear-view mirror of the car with a small rope and at the top of the air freshener you can customise it with the name you want. Do not you think it's a super idea for all those friends and family who drive the car a little disaster? In addition, we have a wide variety of different scents so you can choose the one you think the person you are going to give it will like most. We have air fresheners with the smell of red fruits, lavender, vanilla ... Surely you find the perfect one for your friend or family member.

Custom Mikado air fresheners

We are in love with Mikado style air fresheners because in addition to perfectly distribute the aroma throughout the room they are part of the decoration of the house. If you know someone who comes to your house every time you enter his house, this personalised air freshener is perfect for him.

The Mikado style air fresheners are very simple to use because thanks to the fiber rods the smell is distributed without having to plug it in. Not only that, but they will give a touch of elegance to any room in the house and even more if they are personalised with the name you want.

Custom Pearl Air Fresheners

If the Mikado style air fresheners have not convinced you, these ones will surely make you fall in love. Pearl air fresheners are a real novelty, these air fresheners come in transparent bottles. When opening the lid, the container has some holes through which the aroma is distributed. The best thing about these air fresheners is that the aroma that pearls give off neutralizes bad odors leaving a fresh fragrance throughout the room.

As we always want to go one step further, we customize the bottle with the image you want. So the person who receives this incredible gift can enjoy not only a sweet aroma in their home but also a fun element of decoration.

We are convinced that you already have someone in mind to give you one of our candles or personalised air fresheners.