Teddy bears & cuddle toys

Our teddy bears are soft, original and 100% full of love. We have everything you can imagine: teddy bears, giant bears, teddy monkeys, cuddly unicorns, elephants, dragons, etc... In addition, we personalise many of our teddy animals through their T-shirts, or we embroider a name or a text in different parts of the teddies body. You can also order our cuddly toys together with roses, balloons or chocolates. Giving a teddy bear is something that always does the trick, no matter the age.

Customised cuddle toys for everybody

Do you still believe that cuddle toys are only for children? How many cuddle toys did you sleep with as a kid? Millions, right? That’s really good; it’s fun as well as very lovely. However, we must admit that grown-ups also love them and even more because they are even more adorable.

Made of cuddly toy fabric and filled with cotton, cuddle toys are a precious and much sought-after gift for any occasion: when you have children at home or when you want to surprise your partner for Valentine Day.

Obviously, at Made in Gift, we have a large choice of customised cuddle toys so that anyone can enjoy the most adorable gift ever.

Imagine: if you could already get beautiful smiles with the cuddle toys, with customised cuddle toys you will reach the deepest emotional satisfaction. We explain to you everything we have so that you can make your choice.

Customised cuddle toys, tenderness wherever you go

Gifting a cuddle toy is not the same as gifting a customised one. The story changes a lot and if you don’t believe us, keep reading.

Anyone can have a cuddle toy whereas a customised cuddle toy is absolutely unique and untransferable. No one will ever have the same. That’s the reason why, at Made in Gift, we value customisation a lot, because we want to create unique, original and ever-lasting gifts. We believe that the emotional impact of a gift matters more than anything else.

Emotions that you can find with those cuddle toys are the tenderness, love and trust you can give to someone special or receive from a beloved one. They are tender, they are soft, they are perfect for when we need loving care.

What kind of cuddle toys do we have?

Customised teddy bears, a traditional, yet unique and original idea

You have had probably more than one teddy bear and you know the tenderness they give off. What we do is that we dress up our cute teddy bears with a white t-shirt so that you can customise it with a picture.

You can choose the photo, and then send it to us so that we can print it on the t-shirt. This is how you get a beautifully customised teddy bear. It is one of our most popular original gifts, especially for couples.

If you want to surprise your girlfriend, you just need to look for a very romantic picture of you and send it to us. We will take care of the rest for you to have the best surprise ever.

The best thing about it is you can choose from various teddy bears with different sizes and colours.

Embroidered cuddle toys, a message for life.

Although it’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, an embroidered text will remain forever no matter what. We have lots of different giant teddy bears that wear a customised t-shirt with the embroidered text of your choice.

Not only we have giant teddy bears, but we have all kinds of cuddle toys with embroidered names on their stomach, ear or wherever it fits best. This is a very original gift, especially for kids to enjoy a good time with their imaginary friend.

You just have to give us a name and we will embroider it on the cuddle toy you want. Carefully go through our catalogue because we have a wide range of cuddle toys.

Moreover, if it’s not enough for you, we also have giant cuddle toy with a scarf and an embroidered name.

You are going to find the perfect cuddle toy for you or for that special person. Don’t give up right now!!!

Very original customised cuddle toys

You can find customised cuddle toys with photos or embroider with the name of your choice, but the best thing is that you will still be amazed by the different type of cuddle toys we have.

In addition to the different sizes we have (from 17 cm to 95 cm), we have customised cuddle toys for all kinds of occasions and very original. We offer you cuddle toys with a wooden box sewn between its hands so that you can keep your engagement ring, for example, and create a super tender and special atmosphere at such an important moment.

You can also give giant cuddle toys with a heart-shaped cushion sewn between their hands and customised with a romantic photo. You see! Cuddle toys are not only for children.

Customised cuddly toys for all occasions in the world

To apologize? To say thank you? To celebrate birthdays? To surprise romantically? To propose? All kinds of occasions are covered with our original customised cuddle toys.

From cuddle toys with photos for the little ones, series of cuddle toys for the most creative to giant teddy bears for the most romantic or tinned teddy bears for the greatest lovers of surprises, you will find all this in our wide and original catalogue!