Stuffed animals

Our stuffed animals are soft, original and 100% full of love. We have everything you can imagine: teddies, giant bears, monkeys, unicorns, elephants, dragons... Anything! Furthermore, many of them can be personalised with a T-shirt or embroidered directly, furthermore, they can be accompanied with roses or chocolates. Giving a stuffed animal is something that always works, no matter the age of the person receiving the gift.

Personalised stuffed animals for everyone

You probably think that stuffed animals are just a kid's thing. How many stuffed animals did you sleep with when you were a child? Millions, right? That's all well and good, but the truth is that (and we should all admit it) stuffed animals are also loved by grown-ups.

Made from and filled with cotton, stuffed animals are a lovely, popular gift for any occasion. When small children are part of the family, stuffed animals are always great gifts, but they are also perfect on Valentine's Day, when couples surprise each other with romantic and original stuffed animals.

Therefore, we have this extensive category of personalised stuffed animals of all kinds, so that everyone, whether they are children, teenagers or adults, can enjoy one of the cutest gifts ever.

Personalised stuffed animals, pure cuteness

Giving a stuffed animal is not the same as gifting a personalised stuffed animal. The impact changes a lot, and if you don't believe it, read on.

While anyone can have a stuffed animal, a personalised stuffed animal is unique, no one will have another one like it. That's why we place so much value on personalised gifts, as we make them truly original.

Our stuffed animals have soft feel to them that any person who will receive it as a gift will love and cherish. They're soft, cuddly and perfect for those days when you need to pamper someone.

Which personalised stuffed animals are these?

Personalised stuffed animals, a traditional idea made unique and original

You've had probably more than one stuffed animal and you know the comfort they give you. We dress them up in a white T-shirt and print an original photo on them. You can choose the photo you want, send it to us and we will print it and personalise the T-shirt. This is one of the most popular original gifts, especially for couples.

If you want to surprise your girlfriend, all you have to do is send us a romantic photo of the two of you. We'll do the rest to make the surprise look great.

The best of all is that you have different stuffed animals to choose from, in different sizes and colours.

Embroidered stuffed animals

Even though they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, an embroidered text remains forever. So that you can send a message to anyone, from your partner to your grandparents and children. We have a wide range of stuffed animals with embroidered T-shirts.

But not only that, we have stuffed animals of all kinds with an embroidered name, either on the belly, on the ear or wherever it fits best. It is a very original gift, especially for the little ones, as they will be able to enjoy their new friend with their name engraved on it.

All you have to do is give us a name, and we will embroider the stuffed animal. Take a very detailed look at the category because we offer a wide variety

If that's not enough, we've also included giant stuffed animals with a scarf and embroidered name.

You're sure to find what you're looking for in this huge selection, so don't give up!

Original personalised stuffed animals

You'll be able to find personalised stuffed animals with a photo or embroidered with the name of your choice, but the best thing is that you'll be amazed by even more types of stuffed animals.

In addition to the different sizes we have (from 17 cm to 95 cm), we have personalised stuffed animals for all kinds of occasions. We offer you some stuffed animals with a wooden box sewn between the hands so that you can keep the wedding rings, creating a special moment.

You can also give giant stuffed animals with a heart-shaped cushion sewn between their hands and personalise it with a romantic photo. Stuffed animals aren't just for children.

Personalised stuffed animals for every occasion

To say sorry? To say thank you? To congratulate for a birthday? To surprise in a romantic way? To ask for their hand in marriage? All kinds of occasions are covered with our original personalised stuffed animals.

From photo teddy bears for the little ones, stuffed animals for the more creative ones, giant stuffed animals for the more romantic ones or stuffed animals in a tin for the ultimate surprise lovers.

You'll find it all in our original catalogue!