Here are personalised pendants of all kinds: from laser-cut silver letters to two-pieces engraved broken hearts, so that you stay with one half and your beloved person would keep the other half. It is a perfect section to find gifts intended for those who have special feelings for others. We got pendants for newborns and even for teachers. We have custom silver-plated pendants, but we also have pendants made with other materials such as steel or methacrylate. These pendants are sculpted thoroughly and improved with lots of love.

Original engraved pendants for all kinds of personalities

An engraved pendant is the representation of a person's love and admiration for another. When you are asked about beautiful, elegant and tender gifts, what ideas come to mind? The pendants are a very clear example of the care and love that someone puts to a detail for a special occasion.

Our engraved pendants always follow the same line, because we understand that they are very special gifts, for people with whom you have a lot of trust and with whom you share many experiences. Therefore, we always look for top quality material, in order to customize all types of pendants getting a perfect finish.

We produce pendants with names in all sorts of materials: methacrylate, brass, aluminium or copper. This is the pendant that everyone talks about, and therefore, in Made In Gift we take care of it. However, we have many other types of engraved pendants that we want to present here:

Custom pendants: materials for different occasions

We can talk about many topics in this section, but we are interested in explaining all the materials we work with, because in the world of jewellery, it is essential to have the best quality. In the end, the quality of the material will give you a feeling of elegance, tenderness and exclusivity that other products won’t.

Specifically, we have created a wide category of engraved pendants of all kinds of materials, from 925 sterling silver to wood, through methacrylate. We know that is a lot of information but we are going to explain everything so you can choose clearly:

Pendants with Swarovski crystals: elegance is assured

Founded in 1895 in Austria, Swarovski is a company that designs and manufactures a very defined line of jewellery. Its main material is premium glass which is an unbeatable gift option. The majesty that transmit the necklaces with Swarovski crystals adds to the glamor and elegance, generating a result of the highest quality possible.

In Made In Gift you can find different types of pendants with this kind of crystals. The most demanded are those designed for couples, composed of hearts decorated with Swarovski crystals and engraved with the names of the couple. However, first-time parents also have their place in this category, as we have a pendant with baby feet joined by a Swarovski crystal. Of course, the necklace is engraved with the name you want.

But we also have animal pendants for the most flirt girls. Specifically, there is an elephant necklace, whose eye is a pink Swarovski crystal. A super elegant choice!

Engraved 925 sterling silver pendants: quality for everyone and all occasions

If you are looking for a gift that is not as elegant as Swarovski, the 925-sterling silver is what you are looking for, because it allows you to be comfortable and formal wherever you go.

Silver is a very mouldable material, so that in order to create tougher and stronger gifts such as pendants, artisans use material that is not 100% silver. This is where 925 sterling silver comes into play, which means that this material has 92.5% silver.

This type of silver is considered as sterling silver. You will not have any complaints and you will get it right with this gift.

In addition, it is very comfortable to look through our catalogue because you will find all kinds of engraved pendants for any occasion. For example, for couples, moms, dads and even teachers can enjoy a personalised pendant with their names or the text they want. Imagine the emotion of a father when he receives the pendant of a girl engraved with his name. He will love it!

Custom methacrylate pendants: names, numbers and acronyms for different occasions

Methacrylate is a very special material that we use to create different custom designs, according to your needs. At the moment, we have three large groups within this type of pendants.

On the one hand, we have created personalised pendants with your name. We make the template and cut the methacrylate until we get the name you want. Also, you can choose the colour of the methacrylate. We have four different colours and you can choose the one you like best, being able to customize the pendant 100%. Isn't it great?

On the other hand, we have the same style of pendant, but personalised with numbers instead of names. Who could this gift be for? For example, for a girl who has just turned 18, or for a couple for their 5th anniversary. It is an ideal gift for any occasion that involves a date.

Finally, you can also choose the initials option. We will create the initials that you tell us with this material and the colour you wish. It is perfect!

Wood engraved pendants: tradition and passion

Wood has always been a highly valued material, and the most beloved when we talk about engravings and customization. Therefore, we also offer wooden pendants.

From this type of pendants, we have to highlight the Tau Cross, where you can record the name you want and enjoy a very passionate gift with lots of tradition. What are you waiting for to get one of these pendants?