The most distinguished and elegant gifts can be found in our category of personalised bathrobes. We embroider these bathrobes with the name or text you want so you can surprise anyone on all kinds of occasions. We also have gowns, which are perfect for weddings since these gowns can also be printed with the design of your choice. And, of course, we also have bathrobes in children's sizes.

Custom bathrobes and robes for being the most original at home

After a hard day at work there is nothing better than getting home, taking a shower and putting on comfortable clothes. Therefore, our section of bathrobes and robes is perfect to make an original and comfortable gift. We all have a friend or family member who loves to spend hours and hours at home watching movies and resting. That's the reason why our personalised bathrobes and robes are a sure success if you want to give him a gift that besides being very special, is very useful.

It is also a perfect option to give to your roommate and that you both have your own bathrobe or your own robe. For this we have the pack of two custom bathrobes ... Imagine how fun it would be to get out of the shower and to have matching bathrobes!

Robes and bathrobes for the little ones

Do not believe that only you and your partner can enjoy our bathrobes and robes ... We have also adapted all the products for the little ones. So, the whole family can have their custom robe or bathrobe.

To make bath time much more fun, we have four-color children's bathrobes: blue, brown, green and pink. So, even if they are having a great time in the bathtub, when they have their fingers as you go, they will be willing to leave the shower to dry with these super bathrobes.

Custom robes for brides

On such an important day as our wedding or of our best friend, it is essential to take care of all the details. Therefore, our custom robes are perfect to surprise the bride in her day. It is a precious gift that you will keep and remember forever with love. We have robes to personalise with text and even with photos.

Now it is super trendy that all brides wear a robe for the photo shoot at home, so it is a very useful gift. Every time she sees his wedding report, she will have a nice memory of you!

We have also created some hilarious messages to make you feel the sexiest in the world on your wedding night. It is the perfect gift to make among a group of friends. You just have to tell us her name and we will customize the robe with funny designs as "The sexy sheep of the family" or "Today I sleep without clothes".

The best kits to enjoy as a couple

Our custom kits are perfect to surprise those friends who have just become independent or to surprise your partner on some special date as your anniversary or birthday.

We believe that there is no better gift than to give experiences, and even more so if they can be shared with the person you love most. That is why we have created a selection of kits to enjoy with your partner.

Kit “Bathrobes and Passion: If you want to keep the spark with your partner, this kit is perfect to make him or her a big surprise. It includes everything you need to spend an unforgettable night of passion and love. This kit includes two custom bathrobes, a custom wooden box, two glasses of champagne, a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates. Now only the most important thing is missing ... your partner!

Custom Kit "Bathrobes & Spa": If your partner spends hours and hours working, it's time to give him a little rest to share together. That is why we have this kit including two custom bathrobes, a mini bathtub with floral aromas and a pack of “La Chinata” with extra virgin olive oil products. You just need to prepare a relaxing bath and enjoy together. He will love it!

Personalised movie and blanket with sleeves kit: We can't think of a better Sunday plan that includes watching a movie on the couch with your partner. Therefore, this kit includes everything you need to make the marathon of your favourite movies even more special. It consists of two custom blankets with sleeves, a popcorn bucket and a selection of flavoured popcorn.

Composition, sizes and customization

Our textile products aim to make our customers feel as comfortable as possible, so we use high-quality fabrics that ensure that comfort.

The robes are made of polyester and are polar, not curl, which makes it super soft and pleasant to the touch. We have a standard size of 61 cm wide x 80 cm high. The custom bathrobe is a perfect unisex model for both men and women. Its measures of 80 x 90 cm are equivalent to a size L. In addition, it also includes a belt to adjust it to the waist. It is 100% made of cotton, a high-quality material that avoids allergic reactions.

Children's bathrobe has the same textile characteristics, only in this case there are different sizes according to the age of the children. We have three measures; size S 73 x 47 cm, size M 76 x 48 and size L 85 x 50 cm.

The custom blanket with sleeves is made 100% of polyester fabric. It is a type of fabric that retains heat and takes up little space, perfect for storage even in the smallest places. In addition, its softness makes you wrap and do not want to get up from the sofa. Our unique size of 125 x 180 cm has a standard size that fits all people.

Finally, the engraving of the blankets with sleeves and bathrobes are made with resistant thread of the highest quality. It will be the star product of every winter!