Bags and backpacks

We have so many personalised backpacks that you won't be able to get your hands on just one. The same goes for personalised bags. We're not just talking about designs, but also about their different shapes: backpacks to go to school with, to rock at a festival, to take food to the beach in a chilled environment... Of course, all of them are personalised. Never go shopping again with a bag that isn't unique.

Custom backpacks and bags

If you are tired of boring gifts, you are in the appropriate section. In our selection of custom bags and backpacks you will find the most original and practical details, perfect to surprise both young and old. It is a precious and useful detail so that you can transport all your objects in the most comfortable way.

We have all the products you can think of related to backpacks and bags. From the classic colourful backpacks with photo, to custom cases for all your devices, bags to store your sancks and lunch. They are perfect so that both young and old can transport everything they want!

Customised colour backpacks

Having to carry a load of books and school supplies every day can seem boring. Therefore, our custom coloured backpacks are perfect to make the routine something more special and at the same time take care of the comfort and health of your little ones. We have a selection of nine colours so you can find the perfect backpack for your son or daughter:

  • A simple and neutral black colour, perfect for those teenagers who are tired of wearing more colourful children's backpacks. It is also the perfect colour for the elderly who likes elegance.
  • A bright and cheerful yellow colour to start the day with all the energy in the world. This colour is associated with happiness, so, it is perfect for having a great smile every day.
  • Who said pink is a colour only for girls? Fun and very strong, the pink backpack will leave your children speechless. It's great for those little ones with a lot of sensitivity and creativity.
  • They say that people who like purple enjoy their life to the fullest, leaving prejudices aside. So, if you have your own style and own personality from a very young age, you will love this backpack.
  • The pistachio green backpack is ideal for those off-road children who do not stand still for a minute and give off joy and energy wherever they go. They will be the envy of the entire school with this original backpack.
  • Year after year this colour has conquered the entire world, being one of the essential fashion colours. So, our military green photo backpack is a sure hit if you don't know what colour to choose.
  • Do you know that this year the colour orange is very trendy? All stores are taking thousands of things in these tones, so you cannot miss the opportunity to give a backpack of this colour but being much more original than the rest of the people.
  • The custom red backpack is perfect for strong people. The colour red is great to surprise that person you love and admire for his great personality.
  • With so many cool backpacks, if you are not able to decide on any colour because you like them all, the blue backpack is the best option. A cheerful but simple colour that everyone likes.

In addition, our custom colour backpack has an ideal size of 38x40 cm to store everything you need. It can be customised as you want, with text, photo or even both. Don't you think it's amazing?

Our colourful backpacks have more possibilities. Therefore, we have created custom designs for each backpack colour inspired by children's series like the Pokemon or SpongeBob or games like the Minecraft. For example, the rose for the funny Patricio and Kirby, the orange for Charmander and Garfield. A SpongeBob and a Pikachu for the yellow backpack, the blue one for Squirtle and the Cookie Monster and, finally, the purple backpack for Gengar.

Custom snack bags

If your little ones have to take the snack to school every day and you are tired of all the food being spilled over the backpack, our custom snack bags are the solution. You can customize the bags with photos, name or using one of our most adorable designs like "Milk with cookies" or "Hungry crocodile".

In addition to the snack bags, in this section you can find other products for your children such as the children's backpack with photo, the custom pyjamas holder or the ball-shaped backpacks. We also have custom festive backpacks perfect for their activities. This type of backpacks can be personalised with a photo or by choosing one of our coolest designs. Its handles are formed by two ropes that make the backpack a very practical and lightweight accessory to take anywhere.

Cloth bags, shoulder bags, custom bags ... and much more!

If you have taken a look through our section of bags and backpacks you will have noticed that we have a lot of really innovative products. Some of them are personalised bags with photo, cloth bags with photo, perfect for shopping or shoulder bags to take to college.

We also have personalised thermal bags perfect for storing your Tupperware’s and for transport them without spilling annything. The bag is covered by a thermal insulator that ensures the transport of your food in the best conditions. Likewise, we have custom fanny packs, racket bags, beach bags, sports backpacks and luggage bags. We have everything you need!