The best home-delivered breakfasts are original, surprising gifts prepared with lots of love and devotion. You have more than a hundred options to choose from: personalised breakfasts, romantic, sweet, salty, and gluten-free breakfast, breakfast served in a basket or a recycled box... We also have breakfast sorted by occasion: breakfasts for Mother's Day, Christmas, breakfast intended to surprise a teacher at the end of the course and much more.

Home-delivered breakfast, the most exclusive experience

Many of our clients know us for our home-delivered breakfast, which is one of our specialities, to give a great surprise to whoever you want. We have a whole range of prices: from the cheapest to the most elaborate.

Home-delivered breakfasts were the first product we had, and the truth is that we are very proud of it. Since then more than ten years have passed and we have managed to make happy thousands of people around the world with our breakfasts.

What is home-delivered breakfast?

Well, it's as simple as it sounds. Imagine waking up one day in the morning, someone knocks at your door, you open it and one of our deliverymen delivers you a giant basket. In the basket, you will find everything: handmade pastries, organic juice, toasts ...

Now imagine it from the point of view of the person who gives the breakfast. You only need to choose the day, time and place, and we take care of the rest. Just when you tell us we will take the gift to your girlfriend, your father, your brothers or any other lucky person. Will they call you before or after eating breakfast? Will they upload a photo to their Instagram showing off? Will it say "yes"? Is it someone’s birthday and you want to surprise them with something new?

Our home-delivered breakfasts are taken care of from beginning till the end. They are always delivered in a beautiful wicker basket, with stainless-steel thermos and cutlery: you will not need anything else. In addition, those gifts can be kept, so you will always have a memory of that beautiful experience.

Our home-delivered breakfast: everything that is included

Now we explain the food which is the main actor in the breakfast. What if you started with organic orange juice? If that's not enough, sweet breakfasts come with a basket of handmade pastries: chocolate coulant, muffin with seeds or chocolate chips, plum cake ... It also has Pan Rico doughnuts, which are never too much. If you were to choose a salty breakfast, it would bring three artisan pieces of bread and freshly cut ham, plus a jar of “tumaca”.

The home-delivered breakfasts have many more details that include toasts, cereals, teas of various flavours, jams, olive oil ... Everything you can think of!

Customize your home-delivered breakfast to give away

And if that was not enough, you can customize the breakfasts from top to bottom. For example, some products can be purchased as an option, such as giant ham and cheese croissants, a bottle of champagne with glasses or even cups with a printed photo.

The truth is that the category of home-delivered breakfast is the most pampered of the entire website because it was our origin and we worked hard until we reach this extensive catalogue. Therefore, over time, we have expanded the variety of home-delivered breakfast so that everyone can have their surprise on any occasion.

To make it easier to know what different breakfasts at home we have, we have created this list where we explain our general line:

Home-delivered breakfast for any occasion

We are one of those who look for any excuse to give and celebrate a special day. Therefore, we believe that all the special dates or days bring us good memories to have every right in the world to receive an original gift.

This is the reason we have come with the idea of creating different themed breakfasts for any occasion. Imagine it is Father's Day and you forgot to buy a gift. The breakfast to congratulate the parents is perfect to give them a big surprise at the beginning of the day.

What themed breakfasts do we have? We have a wide variety; therefore, we have classified them into large groups so you can have a general idea of our catalogue of home-delivered breakfast:

Romantic or anniversary breakfast: a gift for lovers

All breakfasts have the same basic content, but then we decorate and customize them according to the theme chosen. For example, lovers can enjoy a balloon that says, "I love you." An adorable complement to further enhance the love that couples feel.

In addition to the balloon, we have more products for romantics, such as, vouchers for couples, chocolates and romantic and erotic games, to complete the most loving breakfast that can be created.

The breakfasts have different complements to get the maximum possible variety for couples of all kinds. If you are very romantic, you will have the perfect breakfast, but if you are lazier, you can also surprise every morning.

Breakfast for mothers and fathers: a surprise to thank them for your entire life

It is likely that these breakfasts are the most personal because a father is a father for life, the person who will protect you the best and will best try to guide you in life. It is a perfect gift for Mother's or Father's Day so that they wake up and have the best gift ever from their children.

These breakfasts at home have the same base content as all breakfast available, but they have teddy bears with the shirt embroidered with "Congratulations." It is a very nice compliment and all parents will love it. Besides, we have created specific books for super moms and super dads with which you will have a lot of fun.

In the end, it is a personalised and original gift which has your personal touch and surprise the best mothers and fathers of the world.

Home-delivered breakfast for a birthday: celebrate another year with joy

Birthdays are great to make an excuse to give surprises. And, what better way to start your birthday with a surprise and personalized home-delivered breakfast to your liking?

Birthdays-related breakfasts include a metallic balloon and a delicious Sacher cake, so you can blow the candles early in the morning. It is a perfect gift for food lovers, and people who like to enjoy it with their closest friends and family.

Breakfast at hospitals for the birth of a baby

The breakfast at the hospital is a perfect gift for proud parents to celebrate their newborn. Although parents will eat breakfast, the newborn the most important and the one receiving the gift. Therefore, we include gifts for babies, such as a feeding bottle and a bib.

It is an original gift very successful among family members because it is a very different surprise from what people usually do. You will always have a fun and very exciting story to tell the baby when he or she grows up.

Breakfasts for 2 or more people with performance included

Do you want more? We have more! All breakfasts can be doubled. In case you want to be present or if the breakfast is for more than one person. We double all the food, so you will have twice as many pastries, twice as many juices, twice as many teas, etc.

And speaking a little bit of everything, what do you think if our home-delivered breakfast is delivered by a genuine mariachi? He will play the song of your choice, including great serenades, boleros and the best of Latin American music. If you want the mariachi to play more than one song or to have a mariachi couple at home, we can also do it.

Do not forget that all our breakfasts at home are prepared in our own facilities. Therefore, we guarantee that they will always arrive in an optimal state so that nothing fails in that special moment.

Home-delivered breakfast for intolerant people: a very special wink

We have realized that people who are intolerant of different ingredients or who have more trouble eating everything did not have their breakfast in Made In Gift. Therefore, we have created different breakfasts for vegans, people intolerant to gluten or other ingredients so that they can enjoy a personalized gift with all the love.

Therefore, each intolerant person can now enjoy all the products suitable for him. The excuses for not giving away your intolerant friend are over, now you can do it!

Custom boxed breakfasts, the latest product

As we have mentioned in previous lines, home-delivered breakfasts were the first product we launched, so we take great care of this category by pampering it every day.

to improve all our products and be able to open the possibility of having an original gift to everyone, we have incorporated another type of home-delivered breakfast which is very cool and cheaper.

We have launched the boxed breakfasts with a personalized sticker that decorates the cardboard. The stickers are themed, being able to find breakfasts for couples, for best friends or for parents and grandparents too. The designs are very personal and are made with love so that everyone can enjoy them.

As for the interior of these breakfasts, the items are very similar to the ones included in the basket. They are a very good option for the simplest but coolest people!