The best home-delivered breakfasts are original, surprising gifts prepared with lots of love and devotion. You have more than a hundred options to choose from: personalised breakfasts, romantic, sweet, salty, and gluten-free breakfast, breakfast served in a basket or a recycled box... We also have breakfast sorted by occasion: breakfasts for Mother's Day, Christmas, breakfast intended to surprise a teacher at the end of the course and much more.

Home-delivered breakfast, an exclusive treat

Many of our customers know us for our breakfast at home, one of our specialities to surprise whomever you wish. We have a wide range of prices: from the cheapest to the most elaborate.

It was the first product we ever had and we are very proud of it, because in the more than ten years we have been online we have managed to make thousands of people around the world smile with our breakfasts.

What do we offer with our home-delivered breakfasts?

It's as simple as it sounds. Imagine waking up one day in the morning, having a knock on your door and one of our delivery hands you a giant box. In it you'll find homemade pastries, organic juice, toast...

Now imagine it from the point of view of the person giving the gift. Choose the day, time and place, and we'll take care of the rest. Just when you tell us, we'll bring the gift to your girlfriend, your dad, your siblings or any other lucky person. Will they call you before or after they've eaten breakfast? Will they upload a photo to their Instagram showing off their gift? Is it their birthday and you want to surprise them with something new?

Our breakfasts are carefully curated. They are always delivered in a beautiful box, with a stainless-steel thermos flask and cutlery. Furthermore, these gifts are yours to keep, so you'll always have a souvenir of this beautiful experience.

Our home-delivered breakfast includes everything


Let's move on to the food, the real star of our breakfast. How about starting with an organic orange juice? If that's not enough, the sweet breakfast comes with homemade pastries: chocolate lava cake, muffins with sprinkles, sponge cake... There are also doughnuts, which are never a bad thing. The savoury breakfast includes three loaves of artisanal bread and freshly sliced Jabugo ham.

But Made In Gift´s home-delivered breakfasts hold many more item: toast, cereals, teas of various flavours, jams, olive oil... You name it!

Personalise your breakfast as a gift


If that wasn't enough, you can personalise your breakfast. For example, you can optionally purchase some products, such as giant ham and cheese croissants, a bottle of cava with glasses or even mugs with a printed photo.

Home-delivered breakfasts for any occasion

We are people who look for any excuse to give a gift and celebrate a special day. That's why we believe that every special date or day that brings back good memories we have every right to receive an original gift.

This is where the idea of creating different themed breakfasts for any occasion comes from. Imagine it's Father's Day and you cannot think of a good gift. The breakfast to celebrate dads is perfect for giving him a surprise first thing in the morning

What themed breakfasts do we have? There are many, so we have classified them into large groups so you can get a general idea of our catalogue:

Romantic or anniversary breakfast: a gift for people in love


All breakfasts have the same base, but we decorate and personalise them according to the chosen topic. For example, people in love can enjoy a little balloon that says, "I love you". A lovely addition to enhance the love they feel for each other.

Besides the balloon, we have many other products for romantics, such as, chocolates and romantic and erotic games, to complete the most lovely breakfast.

Breakfast for mothers and fathers: a surprise to thank them for their support

These breakfasts are probably the most personal, because a father is the person who will protect you the most and will try to guide you through life. It's a perfect gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day, so they can wake up and receive the best present from their children.

These breakfasts have the same base but feature stuffed animals. It's a very cute addition and one that all parents love. At the end of the day, it's a very personalised original gift that you can personalise and surprise the best mothers and fathers in the world with.

Birthday breakfast: celebrate another year with joy

Birthdays are a great excuse to give surprises. What better way to start your birthday than with a surprise breakfast at home, personalised to your taste?

Birthday-related breakfasts include a metallic balloon and a delicious cake, so that the candles can be blown out first thing in the morning. It's a perfect gift for food lovers, and people who like to celebrate with their loved ones.

Breakfast delivered to hospitals for the birth of a baby


This is a perfect gift for proud parents to celebrate the birth of their baby. Although the breakfast will be eaten by the parents, the newborn will also receive a little something. Therefore, we include the baby´s first gifts, such as a bottle and a bib.

This is an original and very popular gift. It's usually a big hit with family members, as it's a surprise that's very different from what people usually gift. You'll always have a fun and exciting story to tell the baby when he or she grows up.

Breakfasts for people with intolerances

Nowadays many people are intolerant to different ingredients. So, we have created different breakfasts for vegans and gluten-intolerant people so that they also can enjoy a personalised home-delivered gift.

Many people with allergies can now enjoy all the products suitable for them. No more excuses for not giving a gift to your friend with lactose intolerance.

Personalised boxed breakfasts

Home-delivered breakfast were our first big hit. Therefore, we take great care of this category, adding to it every day.

With the aim of improving all our products and also to open the possibility of sending an original gift to everyone in the world, we have incorporated another type of very cool and more economical breakfast.

These are breakfasts in a box with a personalised sticker that decorates the cardboard box. The stickers are themed, so you can find breakfasts for couples, for best friends or for parents and grandparents too. The designs are very personal and are made with all love so that everyone can enjoy them.

As for the inside of these breakfast boxes, the base is very similar to any of our breakfasts- they are a great option for everyone! They are also available in a variety of different colours.