Custom carry-on suitcases

With our new custom carry-on suitcases, you will never lose sight of your luggage at the airport. On this website, you will be able to find custom-made suitcases and trolleys with your photos, pictures or logos. Different sizes are available, so you can also choose to buy either a Ryanair backpack, a carry-on suitcase or a bigger suitcase you wish to check in with.

Customised suitcases for the most adventurous travellers

Do you have lots of anecdotes to tell about airports? Have you ever lost your suitcase while travelling? Don't you love to travel by plane? With our customised suitcases, you can forget these little anecdotes to live the best and smoothest experiences ever in the airport.

People usually add a label of a predetermined colour to identify their suitcases or write down their names and phone numbers, expecting to be called in case of lost luggage. But why not have a unique suitcase? If you are reading it, you've probably arrived happily in a foreign country and found that your suitcase was lost during the flight - what a fun trip without a suitcase! Don't let it never happen to you again because you will always have it well located.

We have the solution: designing customised suitcases exclusively for each one. You can personalise the visible side of the suitcase with a special photo, your own text (fully designed by you) or a fun design created by our marketing team. You have infinite options to create a suitcase for absolutely fits you.

Customised suitcases: sizes, colours and incredible interiors

We chose our suitcases with the idea of being able to use them as hand luggage on any airline. Each suitcase measures about 55 x 35 x 20 cm, the perfect size to fly with Iberia, Vueling, Easy Jet and many others. Ryanair is one of the companies that do not accept this type of hand luggage.

However, there are lots of flights you can buy without checking your luggage. You might think that this is not the ideal size for a long trip, but as soon as you discover its interior with several compartments, you will be amazed.

The suitcase opens to create two compartments where you can store your clothes, and the accessories you need to take with you on your trip. But there's more: one of the compartments has some straps to hold all the clothes well so that everything is well ordered, stacked and without bulking up too much. The second compartment has a kind of fabric door, which opens with a zip. Inside you can keep much more clothes, shoes, toiletries and other accessories.

The fabric door itself has an additional compartment, which is accessed by a zip. You can use this space for underwear, chargers, medicines, and other items.

You will have the most complete suitcase in the world! You can also choose from three colours: red, black and ivory white.

It's time to design your own personalised travel bag and show it off at airports all over the world.

Suitcases customised with a photo or text for the most original travellers

If you want to have a travel bag that no one else in the world has, this is the best option. You have two options: to design the suitcase with a special photo or to do it with a phrase or text important to you.

Thinking of these travel bags as super fun gifts for adventurous couples or the most travelled friends, it's a great opportunity to create a cool photo or add a meaningful message for the person who will receive this original gift.

The way to personalise these suitcases is the same: on our designer tool, you will be able to upload an image to fit the suitcase or write the text you have in mind. Don't forget to choose typography and colour for the text!

Suitcases customised with exclusive designs for the funniest ones

We have a lot of different designs related to travels and fun adventures so that you can choose the one you most like. Most of them will only ask for names to make exclusive designs adapted to everybody.

If you're going on your honeymoon (or have friends who just got married), you have a super cool design to customise the suitcases. If you always travel as a couple, with friends or if you like Mickey and Minnie, for example, you can enjoy our customised travel bags. .

It's a perfect original gift to avoid losing your hand luggage in the airports!

Now it's time to travel!