Bottles and thermos flasks

In this category you can find bottles, thermos flasks, take-away cups... You name it! Say goodbye to disposable plastic bottles and join the ecological revolution in the most stylish way possible. Not only will you find here beautiful personalised bottles to give as gifts (or to give yourself), but furthermore you will be acquiring environmentally sustainable products. It doesn't get any better than this.

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Bottles and thermoses to be more environmentally friendly

Do you usually use a plastic bottle to drink water at work or when you go out hiking? Sure, it's a pretty convenient solution, and we have all used them at least once in our lives; but using bottles and thermoses that are environmentally friendly are increasingly becoming trendy.

The situation is solemn: we are destroying the environment and the planet. Ultimately, we are destroying our society. Glaciers are melting, plastic is increasingly invading our seas, and temperatures are rising dangerously. We know that the solution is not just to stop drinking from plastic bottles. However, the less we use, the better the planet will be.

That's why we have decided to create a category exclusively for personalised bottles and thermoses. We think it is important to be aware of the problem and make a collective effort for better results.

Personalised bottles and thermoses for any occasion

If you're looking for an original gift for that beloved one, personalised bottles are perfect for making them happy. How many times have you wanted to give something but didn't really know how to hit the bull's eye? For instance, thermos would be de rigueur for them if that person loves to go hiking.

Back in the days of plastic, plastic water bottles were essential to avoid dying of thirst when hiking in the mountains. However, habits have changed, and thermoses and aluminium bottles now refresh us during our excursions. So if you know someone who loves to discover all the treasures of our planet, a personalised bottle is perfect for surprising them.

You can personalise it with text, a photo or one of our designs. Customising your item is super simple: choose the one you like the most and answer the questions in the personalisation area. Our technicians will finally engrave your text or print your chosen image with the utmost precision.

This is a super simple process. That said, if you experience a problem with your order or have a question, please feel free to contact us.

You are most likely wondering what type of bottles and thermoses we offer. Below we explain some of our models, but we recommend you browse our category to find a wider choice of models.

A personalised aluminium thermos: the one you keep for life

What type of bottle do you think of when we say thermos? You're probably thinking of that aluminium thermos with a goblet-shaped cap for drinking or without a cap. You are right. We offer these thermoses in white colour, so you can personalise them with your own picture.

In addition, we have other thermos models: without a cup, smaller or narrower... All of them are thought to be personalised with an image.

These personalised thermoses are perfect for any excursion in the mountains or for spending a day at the beach. It is ideal for those who travel and love to do lots of sightseeing during the holidays, who spend a lot of time away from home need a thermos to drink throughout the day.

As mentioned above, we used to use plastic bottles. But the time has come to change this habit. Besides, it's a way to save extra money, since you won't have to buy a water bottle every time you get thirsty. All you have to do is fill your thermos with your favourite drink, which will now always be at the right temperature.

The advantage of these thermoses is that they maintain the temperature. If you are going to the mountains and want to drink a coffee after having lunch, take it in your thermos to keep it warm. The thermos is suitable for all your outings. Look for a cool picture and choose the model to personalise.

Personalised water and juice bottles: elegance guaranteed with family and friends

Have you ever thought that it was a little bland when you set the table? Would you like to add a touch of elegance at lunch or dinner? Our engraved water bottles are perfect for that intention. Tell us a name or choose the design that best suits your current needs and personalise it with a name or text.

We have two types of water bottles: transparent and coloured bottles. Choose the one you like the most, with the shape that best fits your decoration and bring a touch of joy and originality to your home!

On the other hand, soft drinks and juices can also be served in beautiful containers. If one of your favourite plans is to invite your best friend home to chat over a natural juice, you can now personalise a juice bottle with their name to surprise them next time.

Kids' aluminium bottles: for those who spend most of their time outdoors

Children are the ones who spend the most time outside the house because they play with their friends at the park or because they go to school. It goes without saying that they need a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day.

These water bottles are made from aluminium, and you can engrave any text you like or print any photo or design you like. We have designs for children, perfect for Back to School, but you can also personalise it with a picture.

We're starting to care about the environment, and we'll do so even better

These bottles and thermoses will help the planet feel better. None of the products in this category are made of plastic, as we know that this material harms the environment. We have decided to join the movement of reducing plastic use.

If you also want to join the movement, this category is for you. Stop drinking from plastic bottles and replace them with aluminium or customised thermoses.