Pins and magnets

Personalised pins and badges are never old-fashioned. Whether it's your favourite group, a bachelorette party or a party of your team, wearing them on your clothes or in your backpack is always a source of pride. The same goes for personalised magnets: no refrigerator in the world does not have one. They are perfect for giving at a wedding or at a first communion. They also remind us of the unforgettable moments spent together near those we always have fun with.

Why should you buy custom pins or magnets?

Custom pins never go out of style. They are a unique and affordable product that sets an easily recognisable worldwide trend. In this category, personalised pins are not the only product. You can also find personalised magnets. The latter might turn your fridge from classic and boring to original.

Types of custom pins

Our customised pins are available in two sizes:

  • Medium plates: these are the classic 38-mm pins you can usually find and buy in markets around the world, such as Candem.
  • Large plates: Outgoing people or those who love to show their ideals usually wear those 50-mm pins.

Types of custom magnets

We offer four kinds of customised magnets:

  • Medium magnets: the diameter is 31 millimetres, perfect for discreetly decorating a fridge.
  • Large magnets: coincide with the 50 millimetres of the plates. Your fridge will never be the same again.
  • Giant magnets: with a diameter of 75 millimetres. It is almost impossible that you miss them in your fridge. Many people use them as wedding or communion gifts for guests.
  • Clip magnet: it is not a matter of size (58 mm millimetres) but its structure. It is a magnet with a clip that will help you hold papers such as the shopping list.

We customise pins and magnets with any design you might like. Although they are not that big, they have more than enough space to put a photo, a text or both.

Do you need ideas? Keep reading! You can make pins for a bachelorette party, for a birthday, for a football game night with friends... Not to mention making your team's shield, a detail of your favourite series or putting that phrase that motivates you every morning.

If you need more inspiration, we have two types of plates and magnets. On one hand, our Family designs allow you to choose a character that resembles a loved one and write their name below. On the other hand, we have the pins and magnets of professions, in which you can choose pins for doctors, teachers, firefighters ...

Wholesale custom pins for events

We also offer wholesale pins. If you need pins for a company event, for a large meeting or for whatever reason, write to us, and we will provide you with a quote.