Notebooks and diaries

Buying personalised notebooks and diaries is becoming more and more common. They are the perfect gift for teachers, for lovers of writing, for a cook to write down their recipes... Practically for anything! We have large notebooks, small notebooks, diaries and even ecological models. Here, more than in any other section, the limits are set by your imagination.

In our section of personalised notebooks and diaries, you can find a lot of ideas to give to students, people who work in an office, crafts lovers, people who like to draw or even for partners who forgets everything ...

Types of personalised notebooks

Customisable hardcover

We have a lot of different notebooks, but first, we are going to explain our custom hardcover notebooks.

They have white A4 sheets, an opaque cover (therefore, the print is perfect), rings and includes a pen. It is the typical large notebook, perfect for people who have many things to write.

Transparent or translucent with squared sheets

If you want a large but a little less conventional notebook, the personalised transparent notebook is undoubtedly the best option.

Although the impression is less resounding since it is done on its translucent cover, it is a highly demanded product. It has grid sheets.

A5 hardcover small notepads

We also have A5 notebooks (18 x 13 centimetres) that are easier to transport. They are like the little brothers of the hardcover notebook since the characteristics are the same (blank sheets and including a pen), only smaller.

Besides, we also have another small, although not so much (21.5 x 15.2 centimetres), notebook: the ecological one. Its front and back cover are made of recycled paper: the print will take part of the brown colour, but the finish is unique. It is one of our favourites.

Personalised diaries

We also have diaries that you can personalise. Hardcover, with blank sheets, with separator and attached sheets. It can be a good gift to use as a diary, to write recipes or for any other use.

The great thing about our personalised diaries and notebooks is that we can customise them as you wish. With a photo or several ones, with text, with drawings ... Whatever you want! You are only limited by your imagination!

The only downside of this section is that you may not be very inspired when it comes to customisation. But don't worry, at Made In Gift, we are here to help you. On our website, we have many different designs so that you only need to tell us the last details (with a photo or a phrase) and receive an exceptional gift.

Personalised notebooks and diaries are perfect for any recipient: a nephew who is about to start college, for Secret Santa at work or that person who always forgets everything and needs to write things down.