Chocolate message

Here you can find the original chocolate messages, those with which our customers have been saying beautiful words through chocolate letters for decades. Sending a chocolate message is as simple as choosing the product you like best and letting your heart speak: we will make sure your sweet words reach their recipient. Of course, you can complement your chocolate messages with roses, stuffed animals at home and much more, making every occasion unique.

Personalised chocolate messages to open your heart

There is no more spectacular gift than one that allows you to pour out all your feelings. It's not the same to be told "I love you" over a few beers as it is to be told in the most original way in the world. Nor is it the same to be asked to marry in a park on one knee as it is to be asked in a way you have never been asked before. There are many every day and special situations that we have made very common, and at Made In Gift, we try to make sure that this is not the case. We want to fill life with originality and creativity!

We have created these personalised chocolate messages with the text of your choice. Something unique, that not many people have, and that can turn a special moment into an unforgettable occasion. Are you thinking of giving your partner a romantic surprise? Do you want to propose to them? Do you want to congratulate your child? Take advantage of these chocolate messages to give him or her an incredible surprise.

It doesn't matter where you are, or who you're with, if you have a chocolate message next to you, everything will be fine.

Personalised chocolate messages for any occasion

The truth is that it is not only for romantic situations, but a friend, a sister or even a grandmother can receive a chocolate message with all the excitement in the world. The magic is in the message you write: you can be super creative and invent a text with a lot of value, you can steal a quote from a famous author that you like or that has meaning for you, or you can simply show all the feelings that you have inside and that you have never taken out.

It's a very creative way to send a message.

This is an original gift perfect to surprise on any occasion.

Chocolate messages to surprise your partner: a romantic gift

You've been wanting to tell your partner for months that you're in love with them and that they're the love of your life, you've never dared to tell them how you feel. You've made up your mind and you're going to propose to them, do it in this original way! You'll only have to think about how to do it!

All you have to do is think about the text you want to write, and we'll do the rest. Give free rein to your imagination and creativity, and create a chocolate message full of love, passion, romanticism and a lot of courage.

We have two types of chocolate message for this occasion:

Chocolate message in a personalised box:

The chocolate message box is perfect, as we can personalise it however you like. We have different designs that you can find in this section, from different families to specific designs of love and romance. They are rectangular boxes that fit messages of 24 characters and 32 characters.

Adapt the message to that number of characters, and you're guaranteed success.

Heart-shaped chocolate message: for the romantics

For the most romantic, the most passionate people or those who always strive for originality on any occasion, this chocolate message is perfect. It's a beautiful wooden heart with an opening in the centre where the personalised chocolate message is hidden.

This heart can be personalised with the photo of your choice, leaving a super romantic wooden heart to decorate any corner of your home. It's a great option for the most romantic couples.

If you're thinking of asking someone to marry you, if you want to propose or if you're thinking of telling them in an original way that you're going to be parents, this heart-shaped chocolate message is perfect to make them happy.

Personalised chocolate messages for companies: a thank you gift

Are you thinking of organising a lunch or dinner to thank everyone in the company? A chocolate message always comes in handy. You can either write a generic message for the whole company or surprise each one with a unique text.

Give free rein to your imagination and make your employees enjoy having you as their boss. Being happy with the company you work for is very important to increase effectiveness; Therefore, an original gift from time to time never hurts.

Personalised chocolate messages for those who deserve it most

If you are in luck to know the best people in the world, now is the time to give them an original gift. Surely, you have that great friend who you've never told that you love very much or that they are very important to you. Well, now is the time to do it!

Do it in a very original way with this chocolate message. Choose the design you want (or create your own) and write that thing you've never dared to say.

How to personalise a chocolate message?

Customising the chocolate message you want is super easy thanks to the design area on our website. When you choose the product and continue with the purchase process, you will be able to access the design area.

Once you are in the design area, you will have a template with the letters (equivalent to the characters of the chocolate message you have previously chosen) for you to add the ounces of chocolate with the letters that will make up the message or text you have in mind.

You will see in real time how the chocolate message will look like; so you can make all the modifications you want until you get a super cool result.

We have two types of chocolates so that you can differentiate the text with the spaces. The chocolate that carries the letters and will create the message is milk chocolate of the highest quality; and, on the other hand, the chocolate that will separate the words and help the chocolate message to be visually beautiful and with a grammatical sense is white chocolate.

In short, the chocolate message is a delicious combination of milk chocolate and white chocolate letters. Each piece is prepared in an artisan workshop. During the manufacturing process of each chocolate, a mould is applied so that each piece of milk chocolate has a different letter or sign. As for the white chocolate, the pieces do not have letters or symbols printed on them but are designed to separate the words in the message so that it is perfectly understood.