Extraordinary gifts

If you are looking for odd or interesting gifts, you are in the right place at the right time. Our specialists work very hard to trace and target the most original, unusual and fun gifts on the market. Many times, we do not happen to find just what we want. This is why we create it ourselves. So, we managed to introduce a unique section on the internet, with which you can surprise everyone.

Most of our customers arrive on our webpage because they are looking for customised and original gifts. In this category, you can find the web’s most extraordinary gifts.

We work hard to find surprising and unique gifts with a great price-quality ratio and that, above all, you are going to leave that special person speechless.

We push ourselves so that you can find extraordinary gifts not only for your boyfriend or girlfriend. We also think about creating a great gift for weddings, for those people who already have everything, for your cousins, for your work colleagues or for that special person. We have everything you are looking for.

One of our most popular products are our scratch-off maps. They have become very trendy for the last years, and we offer lots of them:

  • Scratch-off world map: so that you can go discover the countries you’ve visited.
  • Scratch-off Europe map: if you are one of those who spend their lives flying with Ryanair or EasyJet, you already know all of Europe. Scratch off the countries you’ve already ready and go discover the rest.
  • Scratch-off Spain map: for those who adore Spain.
  • Gourmet scratch-off map: a map of Europe with the continent’s most popular recipes.
  • Beer map: travel around the UK or Spain from beer to beer and leave your mark with the cap bottles.

Extraordinary gifts for men and women

Another current trend is DIY (Do It Yourself) gifts. Those are gifts which create an experience. For instance, our popular kit to make your own beer. Think of that friend who is a big fan of beer!

Isn’t the perfect gift to allow him or her to create his or her own beer? For the most gourmet people, we have kits for self-cultivation of mushrooms, which not only allow to obtain a product of a great gastronomic value but which are also respectful with the environment. And for fans of music, we have a kit to create a ukulele so that you can create this Hawaii’s famous musical instrument.

Now that the retro and the hipster are competing with each other to dominate the world, let's go to an object that is a real link: the luminous sign. Panels like those in cinemas in the 1950s, on which you can put any message you want. Perfect to give as a gift, to decorate at a party, to have in the office at work. We have them in various sizes and colours, so you can find what you are looking for.

We’ve just presented our most popular products, but the possibilities of this category are infinite. We have chocolate pizzas, giant helium balloons, accessories for selfies, a BBQ meat branding iron… Just give it a look to find the surprise that will make the difference.

Now you know. If you are looking for original and unique gifts, you are in the perfect place. We deliver our products to Europe within 24 to 48 hours. We can also help you out if you are one of those who are always looking for a gift at the last minute.