Although we have the well-known "Baby on board" sticker, our section of personalised stickers goes much further than that. We have all kinds of designs to make your car, your computer, and even your bedroom door look unique. In fact, we make stickers directly with your photo, with any design or your company's logo, so you'll be able to move and leave your mark wherever you go.

Welcome to the custom car stickers section. Well, here you can find some more things, but in general it is where we have most of the internal and external adhesives to decorate your vehicle.

Personalised stickers baby on board

Is there anything more classic than the "baby on board" stickers? We wanted to give a spin to all that and turn them into unique and personalised products.

Starting with the most classic, our boy-on-board and girl-on-board car stickers are available in several models:

  • Original design: one of the first articles we had on our website. Vinyl stickers that indicates you have a baby in the car so that the other drivers are careful with you.
  • Modern design: for those funkier babies, a sticker also with the name. The difference is that the baby appears driving, with a smile from ear to ear.
  • Car sticker with photo: if you want to show off your boy or girl, this sticker will allow you to do it with your name and your photo.
  • Sticker with name: for those who do not want drawings. Simply the baby's name on a yellow sign.
  • Double stickers for twins: This is your sticker. Available in boy-girl, girl-girl and boy-boy version.

Custom funny stickers

We have much more to offer you. Is traveling a bit tired for your children? Travelling with kids it is not an easy task. For those parents, we have the monster on board and alien on board stickers, which we also customize with the name you tell us.

It also applies to boyfriends who do not take roundabouts well and for girlfriends who always read the WhatsApp messages without speaking in the passenger seat.

If your dog is a member of the family, we have dog on board stickers. They're adorable! Surely you will love them. At least we think they are the most emotional products in the store. Who doesn't want to show off dog?

Family stickers for the car

But if one sticker is too small for you, don’t worry, we have our family sticker packs for the car.

Surely you have seen them on the road, since we have been doing them for years and serving to decorate cars. You choose your family members among dozens of options, give them a name and go straight to the back of your car.

Custom geeky stickers

If your family is a little geeky, we have other types of stickers, such as Star Wars. Whether you are Jedi’s or Siths, surely you decorate your car in a unique way. We also have wedding stickers, perfect for decorating a newlywed's car.

As we said at the beginning, not only stickers for the car live this section. We can also make personalised labels with the name of your baby, son or daughter, perfect to mark their things for school. We have two products: a pack o 60 stickers and another of 126. Surely, they are very useful for the start of the school year.

Although it is not necessary to mention it, it must be said that all our stickers are of high quality. They are printed on one type of vinyl or another depending on whether you want them for indoors or outdoors. The outdoor ones are the ones we recommend for tinted glass: do not worry, they withstand rainwater and have UV protection. They will last at least two years. The indoor ones, being more protected, will last longer.