Long live the chocolate! If you love chocolate or you want to surprise one of those people who can not make it without such a delicacy, you are in the right place. Here you will find all kinds of customised gifts in which chocolate is obviously the main character: Chocolate tablets with personalised packaging and messages written with chocolate letterings. You have many sweet surprises to choose from.

Chocolate is always a great gift

Who does not like chocolate? We are always thinking about the delicious taste of cocoa. That is why we have created a section specifically to group all of our personalised chocolate gifts.

We are authentic specialists in personalised chocolate bars. We love what we do, and you can see it.

Custom chocolate bar to bring your designs wherever you go

First, our chocolate bars available in three different formats:

  • Milk chocolate: the most consumed worldwide. It is a mix of cocoa (not more than 50%) and milk. Sweet, delicious and pleasant for any taste.

  • White chocolate: although it is not exactly chocolate, since the cocoa paste is not used to do it, we love it. It is an energy and sweet product that never fails.
  • Dark chocolate is the one that respects the ancient recipe. Cocoa butter and sugar, without any other additives (except aromas). It has aphrodisiac properties.

Chocolate gift ideas

We always like to go a little bit further. We offer you our Family chocolate bars which are personalised with the characters you choose and their names. You can give away a unique chocolate bar. But they not might be as cool as the Wonka chocolate bar.

If you cannot decide on just one picture, our "Photo Collage" chocolate bar might be the perfect match for you. Add eight of your cutest and loveliest pictures, and you will always remember those special moments while eating your favourite sweet treats.

And what about giving chocolate to your other half? Do you know how they are? They consist of two chocolate bars: in one, you put a name; in another, the partner's name, and the chocolate will keep you together forever.

Besides, we have birthday chocolate bars. Add the date and the person's name to create an affordable yet surprising gift. Perfect as a complement or for those people with whom you don't have too much confidence.

Ah! And we also have "Keep calm" chocolate bars because we all have thought about that phrase. Keep calm and dance all night! Keep calm and eat me. Keep calm and let's party ... Your imagination is the only limit!