Gifts for weddings

Are you looking for an original gift for a wedding? An you don't want to get the same old present? With our incredible selection of gifts for weddings, you can leave the bride and groom speechless and get them a unique gift. We have gifts for the couple, for the ceremony itself, to enjoy with friends and, in short, to make the most special day of their lives even more incredible.

What can you gift to newlyweds?

There are not many things that are as difficult as choosing a great wedding gift. In this scection we offer you a little help with this problem.

Here you can find original wedding gifts for newlyweds that are also affordable and fun. We have what you are looking for.

Sets of weddings glasses and bottles

Let's start with the most classic gift that never fails: our set of wedding glasses and bottles. Two models are available: one is more innovative whereas the other is more traditional:

  • Wedding Sets: also available in two models. The normal one includes a Champagne bottle and two glasses with wedding outfits; the second one is two bottles of wine or Champagne with gala outfits.
  • Sets of engraved glasses: if you want to have a toast for the newlyweds to remember this day forever, we have sets of engraved glasses and bottles (wine or Champagne).

Original wedding gifts

If you want to give a surprising and original gift, the best option might be our wedding cakes made of sweets.

More than one kilo of sweets crowned by a bride and groom figure: a mountain of sweets that make this the sweetest and funniest wedding cake you can find. Many people buy it for the day before or after the wedding day, in those moments when they meet their closest friends.

Affordable wedding gifts

If you are a bit tight on the budget or looking for an affordable wedding gift, a good option may be the wedding teddy bears.

We dress them in a groom and bride outfit, so they are ready to accompany the lovers during the ceremony. We actually have three different models (bride-bride, groom-groom, bride-groom). So, every wedding in the world can have its own teddy bears.

Another very affordable but very trendy gift is our pack of pins for wedding. Imagine 100 or 200 or more pins you order that indicate the couple's name and the wedding date. Long live the newlyweds! We also have accessories for selfies, which are very fun and useful for your wedding party.

Gifts for newlyweds and their new life

A wedding is often synonym with starting a new life chapter.

That's why an elegant gift can usually be something they can use in their new home like a custom doormat or bathrobes embroidered with the couple's name. As you can see, we have ideas of all kinds.