It's time to have your own customised footwear! In this section you will find the perfect option for all kinds of occasions: shoes, slippers, flip flops, clogs... leave your mark wherever you go! Personalise them as you like: with a photograph, with a date, with one of our prints... As we always say, your imagination is the limit. Choose your customised trainers and walk through life knowing that you are unique in the whole world.

Create your own character

Customised footwear for every style in the world.

Clothing is very important when it comes to presenting yourself to the world. It's the first impression that counts. Footwear is a great complement to any outfit and it is vital to choose footwear that is comfortable as well as stylish. With good shoes you are half way there when it comes to creating your outfit.

In our customised footwear section you will find a wide selection of models, as well as sizes and designs. These shoes are an ideal gift for anyone as we all need this item of clothing. If you want to create your own brand of shoes in the most original way, you are in the best place possible, make your shoes speak for you at first sight!

There is no slipper in the world like ours and you will make it even more special by adding that design you like so much, your name, the name of that special person... It will be unique and 100% yours. And there is something for every moment: designs for Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day. For fans of fairy tales, for fans of Funko... There's so much to choose from and it's hard to choose just one!


What are their characteristics?

Our footwear is extremely comfortable and you'll feel like you're walking on cloud when you're wearing it. And you'll be so cool, both indoors and out. But how do you know which pair of shoes is right for you? The hard part is choosing from all our available designs, but once you've got it, the easy part is choosing your size and customising the design you've chosen.

We have a wide range of sizes: for children, women and men. Next to each product you will find a useful size guide so you can take as a reference a shoe that fits you perfectly and compare it to our sizes, so you will be sure to you choose the perfect size.

Customised slippers for couples: walk spreading love

. Surprising your partner every day is very important. If you are lucky enough to have found your other half, you must pamper and take care of them in the most special way.

. Anniversary, birthday... There are thousands of special dates on which we can surprise our partner and it is not always easy to choose an original and functional gift. With our customised shoes you will find both features.

We have many designs that you can wear to match. Each of you will wear your own design and when you are together you will make the whole design make sense, just like when you get together and complete each other.

Customised slippers for the family: they won't want to take them off.

The family is a vital part of our environment. It is important to take care of them and show them how much we love them. Birthday parties, Christmas, Father's/Mother's day... There are plenty of occasions when we can buy a little something for our family.


Slippers and flip-flops.

There are few feelings in the world better than getting home, taking off your shoes and putting on your slippers (or flip-flops in summer). With our selection of home footwear you can make that moment even more special, and you can customise it with the name or design you like the most. Our designs are unique and special and you will find the perfect one for every occasion: we have beautiful designs for Mother's and Father's Day, designs for parents-to-be and we even have models for children and parents. The options are endless and there is something for everyone. And as the family is so important we also have several models available with our library of families: Funko, Hobbies, Simpson... Choose from hundreds of characters the one that looks just like you or your siblings... And customise your slippers with the one you like the most.

As you can see, our section is so rich of options. Footwear is a gift with which you will succeed for sure, you always need a pair of slippers. If you still have any doubts we have a great team that will be happy to help you, guide you among all our designs and make giving a unique and fun experience.