Giving a personalised puzzle is always fun. You can choose from children's puzzles (with only 6 pieces) to giant puzzles of 500 pieces as the perfect gift to surprise an adult. Can you imagine your partner's reaction when receiving a puzzle with your most special photo? Or your best friend's while seeing a picture of your childhood made with 300 pieces? It is undoubtedly a very emotional section, full of special gifts.

The missing piece

Are you looking to make a special and unforgettable gift? Then you are in the appropriate section. Our catalogue of custom puzzles is designed so that everyone can have one according to their needs. We have heart-shaped puzzles for the most romantic, puzzles of different shapes and of course, of different sizes.

In addition of being an original detail, it is a beautiful way to tell that special person that since he or she is in your life everything fits. Also, it is a very special way to tell him that he was the piece you needed to be totally happy.

It is an ideal gift to surprise your partner on any given date, your parents with a beautiful family photo or your friends with a fun snapshot of that trip where you had such a good time.

When to give a personalized puzzle?

Any excuse is a good one to pamper the people we love, so it does not have to be an important day to make such an amazing surprise. But if you are in one of these situations and your head is on the verge of collapsing for not finding the perfect gift, we are here to help you.

A personalised puzzle is a perfect way to celebrate the first anniversary with your partner… And all the following as well! It's also a great idea to give for a birthday… You can even make a collage with different photos of the birthday girl or boy!

If what you are looking for is to give a little surprise to the teacher of your children, you can give him a personalised puzzle with the photo of the entire class, so that he can hang it in the classroom and always remember his little ones.

Who has not gone crazy on Christmas trying to find the perfect gift? If you are tired of searching all stores without finding anything, this is an amazing option. We deliver the puzzle made so you can see the photo as soon as you receive it, but then you can undo it and do it again with the whole family.

Different puzzles for different occasions

If you have looked through our website, you will have seen that our strong point is to create the most original products you can imagine, even reinventing some typical gifts to make them more special. This is the case of the canned puzzle that includes a 500-piece puzzle and a personalised can with your favourite photo. So, if you want to redo the puzzle, you can keep the pieces in their box and never lose them.

It is also very fashionable to give puzzles for weddings and communions. Many friends decide to give a puzzle to the newlyweds with a picture of the whole group together. Some even put the account number behind so that they can only receive the money once they have assembled the puzzle ... Do not you think it's a super fun gift to give to the couples?

If you have a friend or relative who has just moved in, our puzzle keychains are great to impress the newly independent, so each one will have a piece of their new home.

Custom puzzles to decorate your home

Seeing that our personalised puzzles are very demanded, we have created different products based on this idea. And, there is nothing more beautiful than decorating our house with photographs and moments, so we give you some decorative ideas. Our coasters puzzles are perfect to take out whenever guests come for dinner and leave everyone with their mouths open even before the meal arrives. The 3D puzzle box that, in addition to being perfect as decoration, is also for storage, or the magnetic puzzle to put in the refrigerator.

Following the idea of creating puzzle-shaped products, we have also designed a custom wooden clock that simulates a piece of this fun hobby. Finally, for the most romantic, our hanging puzzles are great to always have near that person that complements and completes you.

But don't worry, we haven't forgotten the little ones. Who has not spent hours and hours playing to assemble and disassemble puzzles as a child? Therefore, we have a wide variety of children's puzzles so that they can also enjoy personalised puzzles. We have from 4-piece puzzles, to custom games such as Memory or Rubik’s cubes. With your photos it will be much more fun to play!

What sizes do we have?

We have many sizes so that everyone can have one that fits with what they are looking for. We have from puzzles of 4 pieces up to 500 pieces, going through 6,12,25,70,120 and 280 pieces.

It is an original and very funny gift that will thrill the person who receives it. In addition, you can undo and redo it whenever you want, and even frame it to have it always hung up on the wall. Don't you think it's the best gift in the world?