Feel free to decorate any space with our custom mirrors. You can now choose among a dozen of mirror shapes, sizes and designs as you will be able to achieve unique creations on your own. If you were looking for an extraordinary gift, we think you have just found it.

Personalised mirrors with different designs

It's finally time to decorate your room or any wall in your home with an original mirror. How many times have you needed a mirror to put make-up on or double-check your look? Have you ever heard your partner complaining because they can't look at their hairstyle before going to work? If you want to change your super classic mirror, why not choose one that is original and personalised?

These personalised mirrors are great for many reasons. We offer infinite designs so that you can personalise your favourite one. We have high-quality mirrors in different shapes. For instance, it's no problem if you want a Goffy-shaped mirror instead of the Mickey shape. We can easily change it to adapt to your needs

At the end of the day, this is a super custom and exclusive original gift. You will have a personalised mirror for any special occasion or to decorate your home. We design the mirrors the way we want, yet it'd be really great if you could help us grow our section to reach even more people.

Personalised mirrors: shapes, designs and materials

Our mirrors are made of methacrylate, a lighter material than glass. You can stick them to almost any surface with double-sided adhesive tape.

This is a great option because they are lightweight, and the recipient can place them anywhere. In addition, our mirrors are available in the following traditional shapes: square, oval and heart-shaped. All designs fit perfectly on all three.

If you like one of our designs, you can get it engraved on any mirror. This is how you get your own personalised mirror.

We also have more specific mirrors for people who are more detail-oriented or fun. In this category, you can find cloud-shaped mirrors for kid's rooms; Mickey and Minnie-shaped mirrors for the most magical couples; or crown-shaped mirrors for the queens and kings of the house. How many times have you dreamed of a product like this?

Personalised mirrors with fun shapes: magic in every home

Would you like to renovate your home? Want to give a more magical and original touch to all the rooms? It's time to add customised mirrors to your sweet home. If your little princess is very girly and always asking for mirrors to see herself in the mornings before leaving the house, or if there are happy babies at home, these products are absolutely made for you.

You'll find cloud-shaped mirrors, cat-shaped mirrors, moon-shaped mirrors and even Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie. Have you ever seen anything like this before? It's time to get your own mirror and personalise it with the phrase, initial or text of your choice.

But don't forget! If you want different and more original shapes or have a specific idea in mind, don't hesitate to let us know. We'll surely be able to make it for you.

Personalised mirrors with ground-breaking designs: a boost of self-esteem for everyone

If you have friends who can't live without a mirror, or if you are one of those who look in the mirror before leaving the house, these personalised mirrors will fascinate you. They are rectangular, oval or heart-shaped mirrors designed with motivational phrases.

We want you to smile every morning when you look in the mirror, or for the person you want to surprise to wake up happy every day. There's no better gift than this one!

Our mirrors are personalised with fun phrases such as "Sorry, we don't lie"; "Mirror, mirror, mirror.... Your life will be a continuous joy!