Gifts for children

Personalised gifts for the youngest members of the family. Surprising children is not always easy, but we can help you with all kinds of ideas. We have products dedicated to babies (such as personalised dummies and embroidered stuffed animals) and to almost any age up to 18 years old. We are sure we can help you with birthdays, christenings and communions.

Although it might seem the same, it is not the same to buy gifts for the parents than to give gifts to babies or young children. In this section we have both, gifts that the parents will love for their children and others for the little ones to enjoy in the house.

The children’s safety is our priority

First, we have to say that the safety of the little ones is our top priority. Therefore, all our gifts comply in detail with current regulations of the European Union. For example, the ink we use to customize pacifiers is non-toxic and the pacifiers themselves comply with EN-1400 safety standards. This is only an example, but it is extended to 100% of our products.

Custom t-shirts

One of the most demanded children's gifts are personalised t-shirts. Everyone likes to express their identity through clothes, but boys and girls enjoy it the most. We have two models: personalized t-shirts and family t-shirts.

In the first type, the only limit is your imagination: you can put a picture, a text or whatever you want. In the second one, we give you a choice between 50 characters, you choose the one you like best and add a name. With little effort you will have a unique gift. We have seven different sizes, from 2 to 14 years old. Do not worry if the grow really fast because in our section of Originals we have t-shirts for adults.

Custom pacifiers and pacifier chains

For babies, the star gift is a personalised pacifier. And here we offer different sizes and models:

Material: custom pacifiers can be silicone or rubber. We offer two materials so that everyone can find the pacifier they like best.

Age: pacifiers have two sizes. If you have a new-born, buy it for children under six months. If the baby is older than six months, we have another model for them that will adapt better to their needs.

A pacifier, by the way, is nothing without its chain. Did you know that we also make custom pacifier chains? With picture, text or whatever you tell us.

In addition, we have a lot of different models of pacifier chains: with soccer balls, with pirate skulls, with the baby's name ...

Personalised picture frames

If what you want is to get parents to fall in love with the gift, a personalised picture frame is the perfect gift.

The personalised frames for pictures are always a success: we take care of personalizing it, we send it to you at home and you put the picture you want. It may seem like a simple gift, but picture frames with the baby's name are always very successful.

Children's pendants

In this section, you cannot miss children's pendants, which we engraved by laser with the name of the boy or girl.

By the way, we have them in the shape of a boy and a girl, so all you have to do is tell us the name and we will do the rest.

Infinite possibilities to customize little gifts for children

We will not continue talking about all the products we have in our website, but we have from a toy truck to custom snowballs, through bottle holders, thermoses or name stickers. The possibilities are endless.

Of course, we do not want to finish without talking about gifts for communion, a classic in late spring. We have cups and photo frames specifically prepared for that celebration, so surely you can make a unique gift and remember that moment for a lifetime.