Key rings

Can you imagine being able to choose from an infinite number of key rings? Now it's possible thanks to this fabulous category, where you can choose from personalised key rings of all kinds and shapes: with a photo, with an engraved text, made of wood, methacrylate, silver... We have key rings that are also a pendrive, others that are inspired by different sports and even group key rings, so you can share them with your flat mates.

Original personalised and engraved key rings: travel companions

Key rings are essential for storing your keys. Many people insist on carrying only their keys so that they don't take up space, but the truth is that key rings are gifts that we all love (some more than others). Why is this? Because most of them tend to be fun, with cool designs and cute shapes. That's always nice.

We could find an infinite number of different types, but we only and exclusively choose the personalised key rings with photo and the engraved key rings with a text. We believe that these are the key rings that people demand the most as gifts for any occasion. For this reason, we have created a wide catalogue of personalised key rings where you can find a great variety, and even unexpected surprises.

Personalised key rings: material and design differences

The most common personalised key rings in our catalogue are silver or silver plated. After doing a little research on the use of key rings, we realised that the silver ones are the most in demand. Now we have an infinite number of different shapes and objects converted into key rings. All of them are engraved or personalised with a photo.

However, we have incorporated more materials to achieve a complete catalogue. These include methacrylate key rings, plastic key rings and key rings engraved on wood. The latter could be the most noteworthy, especially if you are thinking of giving a gift to your partner.

Original wooden designs for couples and families

Wood is a very popular material for romantic and tasteful gifts. That's why we asked ourselves why we didn't create our own key rings with wood, giving them a more romantic touch!

Among all the personalised key rings, you will find some couple key rings. With two dolls (which can be girl and girl, boy and boy, or girl and boy) guarding the house, you'll feel safe to hang your keys on them. It is great as a gift for your partner. If you hang this wooden key ring in the hall of your house, when you arrive every day you can each hang your keys on the key ring that corresponds to you.

Furthermore, these key rings are engraved with the names of the main characters - you can't miss them! However, if you prefer a more discreet key ring, we also have designs with wooden puzzle pieces. These are great for the whole family, for example, because everyone picks up a piece, and when they are all put together, they form different hearts. If your children are old enough to start having keys to the house, this can be a nice original gift.

These are key rings engraved on wood with very original designs for couples and families who love each other very much and are happy to live together. If you want a new design in wood, we can consider adding it to our catalogue.

Personalised key rings with photo: a very fun souvenir

There is no nicer gift than one that includes a photo of your friends, your partner or your family, isn't it? The most common original photo gifts are cushions and personalised mugs, but now you can also design a key ring.

We have round photo key rings, rectangles, house shaped, heart shaped or for the shopping cart coin, among others. Are you thinking of moving in with your boyfriend? Is your brother leaving home because he's bought a new flat? These personalised key rings with photo are perfect to bring a smile to anyone's face.

Additionally, athletes can also have their own personalised key ring with a photo of when they won the last championship. We have key rings for different sports, such as football, basketball, golf, or tennis. All of them have the photo on the ball.

All you have to do is choose the photo you want and design the key ring with our design area. When we receive your picture, we'll start printing your gift.

Key rings engraved with name or text to protect the house of your dreams

If you are one of those who prefer an engraved text to a personalised photo, what we are going to tell you in this section may be to your liking.

This is a collection of key rings of all types and for all kinds of people, engraved with a name or a message, all chosen by you and our customers!

The engraved key rings are themed, as you can find coloured plates, engraved hearts, a dog, a skateboard, a Vespa, or an engraved torch, among others. As you can see, it's a wide variety of different themes to fit in perfectly with all kinds of people.

Athletes also have their place in this world of engraved key rings, as we have tennis rackets, golf balls, footballs and basketballs so that you can engrave the name of the star player in the family and give them a proud smile as a gift.

Our recommendation is that you take a closer look at the entire catalogue of personalised key rings.

Personalised key rings for travellers, couples and athletes

Our personalised key rings can be divided into many more groups of people, but we want to highlight these three main groups so you can get an idea of how original we are when it comes to adding a new key ring to our catalogue.

Travellers can enjoy key rings with a Vespa, a surfboard or a personalised Power Bank. The first two are engraved key rings, while the latter is personalised with a photo. Imagine you're going on a trip with your friends, and you can't all charge your mobile phone. This Power Bank with a photo of the whole group will save you a lot of trouble.

Furthermore, if you have sporty friends, we've already mentioned that there's a huge range of key rings for them. If you've moved in with a tennis player, or your boyfriend loves golf, give him a key ring with his name on it with the keys to your new house.

If you're a romantic, you're in for a treat in this section. It's all set up for you to move in with your partner or buy a car together - how romantic!

All in all, it's all about bringing smiles to everyone's faces and living happily together.