Cooking utensils

Gastronomy is more on trend than ever. Therefore, giving personalised kitchen utensils as a gift is becoming increasingly popular. We're talking about cutting boards, knives, biscuit jars... all customised with the photo or text of your choice! This is one of our most fun sections, as its infinite variety makes it full of original gifts for everyone.

Custom kitchen utensils for the most kitchens

For many people cooking is one of the most relaxing and creative activities in the world, so surprising that friend or family who cooks with personalised cookware is a perfect gift option. They are original and very practical details to make your little moments in the kitchen even more special.

However, there are also many people who hate cooking and believe that preparing lunch or dinner is a real suffering. In Made In Gift we want to end this negative thinking, so this section is also created for all those people who do not like cooking. Because it is not the same to present your recipes in typical dishes than in cool personalised containers.

Transport yourself to Italy with our pizza utensils

If there is a star dish that everyone loves, that's the pizza. Whenever we organize a meeting with friends the perfect plan includes pizzas. Imagine the face that your guests will have when you appear with a pizza cutter personalised with your name, shaped like a guitar or like an ax. Or better... when all the pieces are finished, and they see that the plate where it is served has your name ... Everyone will want original kitchen utensils like these.

Cut with style with our custom knives

Cutting is one of the worst parts of the process and there are many people who are very afraid to use sharp knives, so we have created some sets of custom knives that make the cutting step the most fun. We have some models that are engraved on the handle and others that go on the blade ... We even have wooden knives! All of them are perfect to put your name some symbolic date. You will be king or queen even cutting onion!

Custom wooden and slate boards for a truly original presentation

It is time to show your culinary skills to your guests, but ... Do you have utensils that turn your presentation into an authentic dish worthy of a Michelin Star restaurant? If the answer is no, here we have the solution. Our custom wooden and slate boards are perfect for leaving your guests speechless. Many of them are designed as cutting boards, but you can also use them to present all your snacks. Now you just need a little bit of imagination.

Among our selection of boards, we have some as original as a personalised soccer field for snacks, consisting of two bowls that simulate the goals and sticks that represent the players. It will be the most fun and delicious game in the world! We also have wooden boards for couples where you can record your names or wooden logs to present your snacks. Can you think of something more original?

Whom can you give cooking utensils to?

The kitchen is a perfect activity for everyone, regardless of their age, so our products are designed for both the oldest and the youngest of the house. You can give one of our packs of personalised kitchen utensils to that person who has your totally conquered palate, such as your mother, father or grandmother.

It is also a great option to give some of our kitchen products to that friend or relative who is in charge of making the food whenever you meet together. Imagine his face when he sees a custom oven glove with his photo!

For that friend or that couple who has just become independent and has to learn to cook on his own. If that person is your son or daughter, it's even more fun, and now he has to learn to live without your dishes ... Do you think he can survive? At least with our utensils it will be a little easier and more fun.

As we said at the beginning, this section is designed for both foodies and those who hate cooking. Authentic chefs will greatly appreciate that you give them something related to their passion and those who hate cooking will have the push they need to get into the exciting world of cooking. Therefore, our personalised kitchen utensils are always a sure success.

Cooking can be the funniest thing in the world, and it is perfect for controlling our diet, food quantities and our budget. It also helps a lot to increase our patience by learning to follow the steps of a recipe and respecting the times. On the other hand, it is a great activity to develop our creativity, mixing all kinds of flavors and textures until finding the perfect dish.

It is also a great activity to do as a team, whether is with your partner, your parents, your children or your friends. Therefore, many of our products are designed to customize with your name and the one of your helpers. Get our custom kitchen utensils and squeeze all the advantages of cooking. Surely you become a great cook!