Gifts for children

Original gifts for the youngest of the house: teddy bears, plush toys, custom games, costumes and many other things. We always say the same thing: it is not easy to give a present to boys and girls since they have constant changeable ideas... And those ideas do not always match what we have in mind. Therefore, our marketing specialists have made a unique and unrepeatable selection, to make your life easier with gifts to give away and make you always succeed with a gift like this.

Customised children's gifts for all ages

In the section of gifts for children, you can find original gifts for kids of all ages: from babies to teenagers. All of them are carefully by our specialists who know that every age requires a specific product.

To be honest, most of our gifts for newborn babies are thought more for the parents than for the babies themselves. For instance, we have a wide offer of dressing-up outfits for babies photoshoots: bears, snails, mermaids, etc. We have lots of different accessories such as tiaras, tutus or crowns. Everything is made for you to have unforgettable pictures of your babies, and to immortalise those moments that go so fast.

It is also very typical to offer customised cutlery. We have two types: stainless steel cutlery on which we engrave the text of your choice by laser; and plastic ones on which we can print photos or images. We use non-toxic inks and the methods of customisation of the biggest toy companies. Therefore, you can use your products for a long time and with all safety guaranteed.

Customised gifts for babies and teenagers

What is interesting about this category is that you can find goods for a 3-year-old child as well as for a teenager who is obsessed with videogames. On this matter, if you are looking for something to give to your children, here you can find anything you need.

Customised gifts for school

If it is finally time to go to school, we will also go in hand with you. There is nothing more adorable in the world than a child going to school hand in hand with his or her parents for the first day of school.

S/he will need to bring his or her snack, and there is no better way to do so than using a customised lunch or snack box. You will find a lot of designs we created for any taste. Yet, if you are not convinced by any of them, you can fully personalise the gift by choosing "lunch box customised with photo".

Besides, we also have school bags customised with the photo or text of your choice. For that product, as for the lunch box, we also have lots of designs related to school and extra-curricular activities. If your daughter is fond of ballet, you can find in this category the perfect design to surprise her.

Not only that but in Made in Gift, we are aware that lots of schools ask the parents to purchase a plastic mug so that their children can drink in class or during the break. In the category of children's gifts, you can find several customised plastic mugs so that our little ones can be at ease in class and at school in general.

In addition to customising them with a fun design, you can add the name of your son or daughter to never lose it ever again.

Gifts for the most adventurous and funny teenagers

We are aware that teenagers might be hard to please with gifts. However, when talking about custom and original gifts, you can find a wide range of interesting and useful products for this age.

You must have seen more than one wireless earphones in this category because in Made in Gift we bet on this very original gift. Customised wireless earphones are the perfect gift for teenagers nowadays when technology and the music world are booming.

You can find a lot of different designs for any teenager and to surprise any relative or friend you love that much.

Young people not only listen to music but also practice a sport or take care of themselves. This is the time when one starts to worry about his appearance: everybody starts to go to the gym to upgrade his lifestyle.

For those teenagers, we also original gifts: customised bottles to play sport or stay hydrated. In that case, we engrave the bottle by laser. We have several designs for the most adventurous but the bottle customised with a name or a text is a must-have for teenagers.

Think carefully about it because we have a lot of customised gifts for teenagers.

Customised gifts for children who have a lot of hobbies

Your child likely is very interested in one market in particular. It might be videogames, cine or cooking, among others.

On that matter, in this category, you can find cushions and mugs customised with designs related to various videogames such as Among Us for instance. You can also purchase digital illustrations of Disney, Frozen or Spiderman: an absolute gift for children!

In conclusion, in our category "Gifts for children", you can find anything you are looking for any child from 0 to 18.