A custom canvas is an everlasting gift. You can boast a wedding or a family photo on it. You can also post a motivating or inspiring phrase and practically show anything that might be important to you. We also have custom canvases with decorative effects. We mount and manufacture the canvas with premium materials to ensure that our clients benefit from a long-lasting piece. These canvases are a perfect gift for any occasion and even a beautiful self-gift.

Fully customizable photo canvasses

In our section of personalised canvasses, you will find your perfect ally to decorate your home, your workplace or any other place you can think of. We have more economical canvasses, but we also offer top quality. We offer a wide range of customizations, so you can make the most original canvas.

We offer about 20 different sizes, so it could be considered that we make custom canvasses. In rectangular formats, we have from 40 x 30 centimetres to giant options of 135 x 90 centimetres. On the other hand, square formats range from 30 x 30 centimetres to 95 x 95 centimetres.

How do we make custom canvasses?

We make all canvasses in an artisanal way, with the best materials and with Premium finishes. We print at 1440dpi with inks that have UV protection, on 415 grams ultra-white high-quality cotton canvas.

They are added on to 3-centimetere frames of samba wood, the sides being wrapped with the canvas itself. You just need to send us the photo and tell us when you want to receive it, you will product ready to hang up.

What do you think about the idea?

Think for a moment how beautiful it would be to decorate your home with the photo of your first trip, the communion of your children or with a portrait of the whole family. Also, if you want to give it away as a gift, imagine the face of the person you are giving it, for sure it is going to be a success.

Custom mounted canvas

And if you want us to apply some magic, we can do it.

For example, depending on what you are looking for we have:

  • Canvasses with several photos: we offer our collage canvas, in which you can print up to 16 photos arranged along the frame. This way you will be able to show more than one special moment.
  • Geeky canvasses: We are sure that you will love our comic canvas. You just need to send us a photo and our graphic design team will work on it to apply a comic effect. If your partner always wanted to become a superhero, his dream will come true with this canvas.
  • Canvasses for people that love contemporary art: You will love this canvas with the Andy Warhol effect. Turn your favourite photo into a pop artwork thanks to our team of designers.
  • Canvas with old photo effect: Are you a nostalgic person? This canvas is perfect for you. As in the previous canvasses, you only need to us a photo and our designers will give it a vintage touch. This is one of our favourites, since the photos with these filters always look super cool.
  • Black pencil effect canvasses: in which we apply the filter to a photograph so that it looks like it is made of charcoal.

Custom charcoal canvas and cartoon

If you really want a special charcoal canvas, we have the solution, our cartoon canvasses If you send us a photo, we will pass it on to our artist, who will make a cartoon of the person. Once the drawing is done, we will digitize it and turn it into a high-quality canvas. Don't you think its super fun?

Canvasses of babies as a gift for parents

We have more canvasses with different effects (such as highlighting colors or simulating Polaroids), but we want to talk about children's products. We are referring to the baby square canvas (if you give us the name, we will create a beautiful design of a stork) and the newborn’s canvas.

This last one is very special, because thanks to it you can keep all the newborn’s data (weight, height, etc.) throughout life.

Other custom canvasses

In the canvas section we have more products. For example, we make life-size figures in pen cardboard of 1 centimeter thick. It is a very fun product since you can do it with the photo you want. This is the perfect gift for weddings, for retirement, even for parties ... Very often we make canvasses with photos of singers, actors and footballers. We can print the canvas with the idol of the person you are giving it to, they will love it.

We also make roll-ups which are perfect for birthday parties and weddings. They are very economical, and we manufacture them overnight, so they can also be used for your company's events or any other type of event.