Thanks to our customised lamps, you can give a present full of light. Choose from different bases and designs to create a completely one-of-the-kind lamp. It is the perfect gift for decorating a room, an office or the nursery of a newborn who just came into the world. Enjoy personalising the lamp and create a unique gift for that special person. You won't find any product more shining than those offered in this category!

Customised lamps for all tastes and styles

Light is essential for any home. It’s not only necessary to functionally, comfortably and normally live day after day. Besides, light can also be used for decorating any room. Lamps can bring a special touch to any bedroom depending to their intensity and design. They give some personality to our homes!

Therfore, this category is so important. Looking for something to illuminate your home? Do you think someone close to you need a bit of light in their life? Here you will find the best personalised lamps to bring some light and personality to your home or your beloved ones’ home. Turn it into a show of lights and colours!

These lamps are like not any other. You can choose from two different lamp bases: a wooden base characterised by its elegance and presence and a black one with different colours to illuminate the methacrylate plate the way you prefer. But it doesn’t end here: we also have different designs. Depending on the occasion, you could give a more romantic lamp, another musical one, or one perfect for surprising your parents. Our lamps are perfect for any celebration.

Personalised lamps: how do they work?

Our customised lamps are made of two crucial elements. On one hand, there is a methacrylate plaque where the design or personalisation you choose appears, and on the other hand, this plate is connected to a base.

Which lamp bases are available? We have two different types: a black base and a wooden base. A USB cable is included with both. The black base measures 13 x 6 x 3,5 cm and can be set with several colours. If you press once, one of the available colours will light up. But, you can also choose the changing option for a combination of colours in your room!

The wooden base is characterised by its elegance and will look fantastic in your living room. It measures 14,5 x 6 x 3,5 cm and will illuminate the methacrylate with a unique and unchangeable white light.

Personalised lamps for couples: a very romantic gift

We all know how important it is to take care of our partner. Might you have found your soulmate so easily? If you have finally met the person who completes you and makes your heart beat more than a hundred beats per minute... You have to spoil them!

Is your anniversary getting close? It’s their birthday, and you still have got the perfect gift? Our customised lamps are the product you were looking for. We have tons of romantic designs for you to choose from. If you are a very affectionate and loving couple, you will find, in the section, designs to make your heart melt.

They are really easy to personalise! In many of them, you will only have to add your names, which will look great with your cute design. However, we also have the design “Our love story” for you to look back on how your relationship started on this original gift. How long have you been together, your first date, where you met… If you remember all these moments, this is your customised lamp.

Personalised lamps for the most musical people: with Spotify Code!

Many people need their daily dose of music to survive long and tough days. Is there someone who can spend a day without listening to that song that motivates them? Music helps us in our worst moments and reminds us of unforgettable moments. We all have one artist or song that we love and make us feel special.

Now, you can have this song on one of our lamps! If you have one song that always reminds you of your partner or a loved one, these lamps personalised with a Spotify code are made for them. No matter they are fans of ACDC or Taylor Swift, you can choose the song that best represents them.

How to personalise lamps with Spotify code? For those that imitate the app player screen, there are two steps. First, add your favourite photo and indicate what text you want to print. The upper text usually corresponds to the song title, while the lower one refers to the artists. Then, you have to add the Spotify code of the song you want from our search engine. Choose the version you love so much and surprise that dear person with an original gift!

Personalised lamps for your family: a gift for all tastes

What can be more important than family? Nothing in the world can be compared to that relationship we have with our closest family members, those we share blood with. We might not always agree, but they will always be here, no matter what. They are the best and deserve a gift!

Depending on their personality and their tastes, you will find in this section different customised lamps to surprise any parent or sibling. Is your father an unconditional Marvel fan? We have THE light lamp that makes him feel like Iron Man. Does your mother continuously give hugs and kisses? Surprise her with an original gift that will make her heart shine even more.

When you customise your own lamp, all you have to do is write the recipient’s name. You will light up their room and life with a colourful light, and they will never forget how important they are for you. Choose your favourite base and bring a special touch of light to their home!

Personalised lamps for geeks: may the force be with you

We all have a super geeky person in our life, and they don’t settle for any gift. It must be something eye-catching and so freaky to make them smile and thrilled. Our custom-made lamps can also have geek designs for the fan of any video game, saga or series.

Is your best friend a huge fan of Star Wars? Do they know all the spells and characters of the Harry Potter saga? Some of our lamps have designs of this kind. If you have always dreamt of having deathly Hallows or a mythical imperial Stormtrooper, this is your category. Fill your bedroom with magic and galactic colours!

Besides, other lamps have designs inspired by Beauty and the Beast, Pokemon or Zelda, for those who are crazy about the beautiful Disney stories or video games. Here are some original gifts for all tastes!