Gifts for pets

Only those who have pets, either a dog, a cat or a rabbit, know that love for animals can be the same or bigger than the love we may feel for humans. That's why we're bringing you a lot of personalised gifts for pets. You will find different interesting options from portable pet feeders to custom dog necklaces and even travel bags or pet's life-size cutouts.

Customised gifts for spoiled pets

If you have a pet, you will understand the relationship between human and animal. They become our best friends, those who are always by our side, the most faithful, affectionate and grateful. Therefore, they also deserve to receive a gift from time to time.

It is also a perfect gift option for that friend or relative who has just adopted a pet. Nothing will delight them more than a personalised gift for the newest member of the family. You just have to tell us the name and you will have the most special personalised collar or frisbee in the world.

The perfect custom accessories for your pets

In this section you will find all those products that your pet uses daily, from bowls to eat, custom leashes, bag holders or walk packs. You just have to tell us the name of your pet and you will have all your favourite personalised products. Don't you think it's an incredible idea?

  • Custom leashes: Your puppy will be the queen of the walks with our custom extendable leash. It is designed so that they can use it even for larger breeds. They can run and play without danger of escaping. It's great!
  • Custom bowls: These products are ideal to make mealtime even more exciting. We personalise the dishes with photographs or with the name of your pet. Also, if you have several pets, it is a great way to differentiate food bowls.
  • Custom dog walk pack: Surely the walk is one of your dog's favourite moments, so this personalised pack is perfect for you to enjoy even more of that beautiful time together.
  • Custom collars: Surely you also think that your dog or dog is the most beautiful in the world, but if you want it to be the most original, our personalised collars are the solution. We have collars that can be personalised with their photo. You can customise them with the name or even with military print. We have also created designs as fun as "The happiest cat in the world", "If my master is cool, me too" or "As happy as my owner", perfect for your pet to be the most original in the whole park.
  • Custom pendants: If your dog is one of those who love to run and play like crazy, you need one of our custom pendants. It is a small plate to hang on his necklace with his name and your phone, so that if one day he gets lost, they can quickly locate you. In addition of being a very practical gift. Your dog will feel safer and prettier!
  • Custom brushes: The cleaning time can be the favourite for your pet or, on the contrary, one of the most hated. In any case, this custom brush will make daily brushing a super nice time for your dog. In addition of being very important for their fur and hygiene, the time you spend brushing them will be a relaxing time for your pet.
  • Custom dog travel bag: The ideal gift to transport your pet in a much more comfortable and safe way. In this way, your dog can go with you on all your trips. It is perfect for your puppy to travel both in the car, and in public transport.
  • Custom frisbee: Spending time in the park playing with your pet is one of the best things in the world. Surely your dog also loves areas where he can run freely and play with you. Therefore, our personalised frisbee is perfect to spend a fun afternoon with your pet, in addition, it is made with a very resistant material, so you can play without any fear of breaking it. You just have to tell us the name of your pet to record it and it will become its favourite toy.

Custom canvases and life-size figures

When a pet comes into our life, it quickly becomes a member of the family, we would even say that in many occasions it becomes the most spoiled member of the entire house. Therefore, our personalised pop canvas is the perfect gift for that friend or relative who loves their pet above all things. It is a pop style canvas with the photograph of the animal and the fun background that you choose. As soon as they see it, they will want to hang it in the middle of the room to give even more prominence to the king of the house. Surely, they will love it!

But if you're looking for a pet-related gift that is truly original, our life-size figures are the best option. You can make a cardboard replica of your rabbit, dog, cat or any animal. It is a figure up to 120 centimetres high and one centimetre thick. An original and very sweet way to pay tribute to that little animal that has stolen your heart.