Gifts for babies

The arrival of a boy or a girl to the world is always a reason for joy. Not only for the father and the mother but also for the family, friends or even co-workers. If you want to surprise them and be part of such a magical moment, take a look at our selection of gifts for newborns. We have everything: nappies baskets, personalised bodies, custom dummies with photos, engraved cutlery, blankets, etc...

Gifts for new-borns

What to give to a new-born?

Th birth of a baby is one of the most special moments of the entire life. Therefore, the section of gifts for new-borns is the section we have spoiled more. We work very hard to find original, high-quality, varied and excellent gifts. Thus, deciding what to give will be fun and you can accompany the parents in the best possible way.

The first thing that usually comes to mind is where to buy gifts for new-born babies. Without a doubt, the answer is ... Right here! If you keep reading, you'll see that we have exactly what you're looking for.

Baby gifts made with diapers

We have a whole section of baby gifts made with diapers: penguins, owls, snails, etc. They are very cute and at the same time very practical. The base are diapers that are worth for babies of 4 to 10 kilos

We use these because we know that they will always be useful for parents, since if we used the smallest size it might not be worth it for all the little ones. In addition, all animals are made up of baby clothes, such as body’s, blankets or socks. Each model is different, so look well before giving it as a present.

Baskets for new-borns

If you are looking for a more classic gift, we have the typical baskets for new-borns. Of course, with the seal of Original Gift: wicker baskets, top quality clothes and a very careful presentation. Some examples of our baskets are:

  • Tenderness basket: t-shirt, hat, bootees, bib, wipes ...
  • Charm basket: with pyjamas, leggings and a body. Perfect for children born in winter.
  • Special basket: a giant wicker basket that includes everything from a blanket to a stuffed animal. This one is the most complete.

Personalised gifts for the birth of the baby

We also have personalised gifts and they are as original as you want. One of the products that never fails are embroidered changing bags, which we have in blue, pink and yellow. We can also make engraved cutlery or even with printed drawings.

A range of products that we like very much is what we call "Birth." If you give us some information about the baby (birthday, weight, height) we can do real nice designs: canvases, cushions, body’s ... For the nostalgic also like the twelve-month photo frame.

Custom balloons

If you want birth gifts with balloons, we also have them personalised. Imagine mom and dad in the hospital, receiving a little box from which a giant helium balloon comes out with the baby’s name and saying welcome.

Isn’t a great idea? If you don’t know the name of the new-born don't worry, we have generic balloons that say, "it's a boy" or "it's a girl". And even if you're looking for a gift for the mom, we also have them.

Custom pacifiers

We don't want to stop referring to our custom pacifiers. Let no one think that they are only made with the name of the baby, because here the imagination of our customers is infinite.

Over the years we have seen pacifiers talking about mom's profession, dad's soccer team, their favourite group and much more.

Bathroom baskets

Returning to non-customized products, they like bath baskets very much. They include cologne, soap and everything necessary for the baby to bathe at ease and stay clean.

We could fill paragraphs and paragraphs talking about all the gifts we have for new-borns. As we said at the beginning, we take great care of this section and we are very proud to be able to offer things as different as baby clothes made in the form of sushi, personalised “baby on board” stickers with the baby's photo or even vinyl for the wall.