Economical gifts

You don't have to spend a fortune to make a good surprise. In our section of economic gifts you will find an original and fun selection of ideas, with which you will be able to break the schemes to that special person without having to give a hammer blow to your piggy bank. Personalised gifts, books, chequebooks and much more are waiting for you to give a surprise at the best price.

Cheap gifts with an incredible price-quality ratio

Welcome to our category of cheap gifts, where you can find a selection of the cheapest gifts on our website. An authentic top of quality/price items where you'll find many goods at a reduced price, perfect for times when you're on a tight budget or for those gifts where you don't need to spend too much money.

In an online shop like ours, cheap customised gifts are a must. And among them, the best example is “the mug with photo”. For very little money you can customise a mug with the photo or text you tell us. It is a gift that never fails and that you like to show to others, so we can only recommend it to you.

Examples of affordable gifts

Affordable chocolate gifts

One of our cheap gifts is the chocolate message. It is a bar of chocolate that is customised with the sentence you tell us, inside a little wooden box. It couldn’t be sweeter!

Affordable gift for Father’s or Mother’s Day

Every day, customers who, despite the low budget, are looking for economical gifts for men, women, babies, or even for special occasions, like Valentine’s Day or for Secret Santa.

We recommend to buy our “Cushion with photo”, which perfect for someone who wants something adorable, customised, and to snuggle with.

Wedding gifts

Many of the items in this category can be the perfect inexpensive wedding gifts, either for the bride and groom or to hand out to guests.

The same could be said if you are looking for cheap gifts for baptisms or communions.

Returning to specific products, you can make many things with sweets and candies. Have you seen our chocolate pizzas? Or our sweets bouquet? We love sweets and we love to create gifts with them.

Think that our shipping costs are very low; we have one-day delivery inside of Spain. Furthermore, we make deliverys in two to five working days anywhere in Europe.

Affordable gifts for anyone

The best thing about this category is that it has been thought for almost anyone. We have cheap gifts for geeks like our little stuffed animals customised with your favourite superheroes’.

If you're looking for inexpensive gifts to suprise someone, you've come to the right place. We guarantee that you will get it right, as the whole process, even when authorised, always has several manual review steps by our specialists. What does this mean? It means that we check all the packages that leave our facilities one by one, thus ensuring that everything arrives in perfect condition.

By the way, our cheap rose bouquets deserve a special mention. We prepare them with great care, removing the thorns and discarding those roses that do not meet our strict quality standards. This way, for very little money, that special person will receive a stunning bouquet, the kind that touches the heart.