Gourmet baskets

We present you our wonderful gourmet hampers. They are sets with exquisite high-end gastronomic products, prepared with care and delivered in different formats so that they are always a success. If you are looking for an original gift that will touch the heart (and the palate) of that special person.

Gourmet hampers: an exclusive gift to celebrate special occasions

Having something exclusive in your hands doesn't happen every day, far from it. Our gourmet hampers will make you experience that feeling of freedom and happiness. They contain the world's most exclusive products and are special gifts. We make a very comprehensive selection of the best quality products from the best suppliers.

That's why our gourmet hampers have become one of the most interesting original gifts you can give to a special person. How many times have you wanted to surprise your partner? How often have you wanted to thank your employees specially?

Gourmet hampers are great for making your celebrations and events unique, and at Made in Gift, you will find a varied and very exquisite selection.

Gourmet hampers at home because you are worth it

In order to make your life easier, we have a home delivery service. If you want them delivered to different addresses, we handle all the logistics so you can enjoy your event completely.

There's no greater surprise than the one you get when you least expect it. Imagine your partner at home, and suddenly the door bell rings, and a delivery man gives a hamper like this. It will be an unforgettable moment!

On this matter, all the products in this category are designed to be enjoyed on any occasion, whether it's a birthday, a special family celebration or an invitation to a company Christmas dinner...

You'll find different designs to surprise on any occasion:

Gourmet hampers for birthdays and special events

Birthdays are ideal for gift-giving. True, Christmas is not far behind, but we tend to put a lot more thought into finding an original birthday gift.

That's why we think, at Made in Gift, it's great to find the right gourmet hamper for the occasion. In this category, you will find a selection of different models offering various possibilities.

Both sweet and savoury products, such as Iberian ham, Iberian chorizo and an assortment of chocolates, form the basis of all our hampers. Then, you can add the bottle of your choice: beer, cava, wine, whiskey or gin, among others. You will finally create a hamper made up of several gastronomic products selected by you.

Choose the design that fits the occasion and celebrate the best moments with the most incredible people. It will be the most original gift!

Gourmet hampers for companies: a Christmas gift that never fails

Does your company put a lot of thought into Christmas gifts? If you are in charge of organising the most original Christmas ever, our gourmet hampers are excellent for surprising all your employees.

You can personalise the hamper with a sticker and the company logo to make it your own. In short, you can personalise the hamper as you wish and choose the most gourmet products for the best employees.

If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions or need advice, write to us, and we will arrange the best Christmas gift for companies

Bulk orders for business events

If you're thinking about Christmas or a significant business event, you'll definitely need to place a bulk order. At Made in Gift, we offer to place your bulk orders at a preferential price and with home delivery.

Why give gourmet hampers as gifts?

Quality and exclusivity of products are at the forefront of our gourmet hampers. We carefully select the contents of the hampers to offer the best possible quality.

That's why our charcuterie is of premium quality. The bottles of alcohol are original, and all the dishes included are of a higher quality than a basic one. After all, it's an original and highly exclusive gift for the most special celebrations.

In addition, the possibility to personalise our hampers makes the gift even more special. You can find all kinds of designs: for birthdays, for the most romantic couples, for best friends or for those who live in a close family.

If you still don't know what you are looking for, we have the perfect gift for you. If you're still undecided, take a look at the whole category and choose the hamper that suits you best!